Is Your Bad Credit Affecting Your Romantic Relationships?

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If you have less than stellar credit, you may believe that living a cash-only existence, is a way around your bad credit rating. You may also believe … [Read more...]

Before Dr. Dre Sold His Earphones to Apple, He Sold Black Girls Out to Everyone

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So I just got wind of the news that Dr. Dre is in the process of selling his Beats earphones to Apple for $3.2 billion, making his the first "hip hop … [Read more...]

New Target App Gives Cartwheel-Worthy Deals: More Than Just Coupons for Processed Food

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I'm really proud of myself that at the end of 2013, I had kept my New Year's resolution. I think I had success because I didn't give myself some long, … [Read more...]

Is Marriage Only For The Rich?

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No, it's not only for the rich. One might think so after reading this article in the Atlantic. Gone are the Cinderella days when a poor or working … [Read more...]

Oh. My. God. Study Shows Black Women More Likely to Get Bank Loans Because They are Viewed as “Industrious Single Moms.”

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When I first saw the headline of this press release, I was pleased and sort of proud... "African American Women Have Good Odds of Getting a Loan. … [Read more...]

Why You Hate Giving Help to Poor People (Even Though You Might Have Once Been Poor)

Jeremy Clarkson, writer and presenter of Top Gear, a British television show

Why are Americans so seemingly generous on an individual level, but those same Americans who will tithe to their local church lambaste calls to pay … [Read more...]

Interracial Romeo and Juliet Coming to Braodway!

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This is definitely getting interesting. Broadway is set to depict an interracial couple--Orlando Bloom and Condola Rshad--as "Romeo and … [Read more...]

DIY and Inexpensive Ways to Feminize Your Wardrobe


We all have unique fashion styles, preferences, and shopping habits. This post is for women who want easy and inexpensive ways to makeover their … [Read more...]

Is Poverty in Our DNA? Recent Study Says Yes.

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  Poverty is the world's most common issue. And, though many of us have not experienced it personally, we are all aware that poverty exists … [Read more...]

Why You Should Care About the Term ‘Sequestration’

Courtesy ABC News

First things first, the term "sequestration" has nothing to do with horses or the sport of horse riding. That would be "Equestrian." Second, if you do … [Read more...]