Money Saving Strategies for Moving

Americans move for a diverse number of reasons, with many folks moving to be closer to their workplace. Others might wish to be closer to friends and family, or desire the opportunity to live in a warmer climate. Some might even relocate internationally, in a personal quest for new adventures and romance and consider moving to New Zealand or another country overseas.

Moving to a new home can be quite expensive, regardless of how far away from the existing residence one’s new dwelling might be. Creating a moving budget and looking out for ways to save on moving expenses can present an additional strain on household finances. The following are just a few of the many strategies folks can use to save money on their next move.

Having Help Can Save Time and Money

When moving a short distance, such as across town, it might be tempting to just load up all of your belongings into your vehicle and transport them to your new abode. While this might be a smart choice if you only have a few items and can move in a single trip, the cost of the gas alone can still become quite expensive if you must make multiple trips to move everything.

Professional Movers Offer a Number of Time and Money Saving Moving

Moving companies such as North American offer a variety of moving services that can be tailored to fit individual needs without blowing an already tight household budget. Professional movers like these have dollies, padding, and packaging available that can make it
easier to pack and load your items, saving individuals the time and hassle of locating these items on their own.

They also have large moving trucks in varying sizes so that everything can be moved to the new location in one single trip. Additional services, such as professional packing and loading of your belongings, as well as moving insurance that protects you should any of your items be lost, damaged or stolen during the move are also available for an additional charge.

Keep in mind that extra services such as moving insurance can come in handy if you have a large number of expensive valuables and collectibles to pack and move, such as high end electronics, wines and works of fine art.

Remember to Factor True Cost When Choosing Moving Companies and Services

When choosing a professional moving company and selecting the moving services that you will use, remember to include the true cost of everything when you compare prices. A good example of this is to include the cost of your time to pack and move everything yourself, versus the company’s charge if they pack load and transport everything for you.

Choose only those services that you need and that will genuinely save time and money and that will help eliminate potential sources of stress and frustration. Sometimes, a service that seems too expensive on the surface might be worth the savings elsewhere, especially if it is a service that provides security and peace of mind.

Simplify and Reduce Possessions to Save on Moving

According to a 2015 Census Bureau Report on the Mover Rate, about 36 million Americans, or 12% of the population, moves each year. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully they pack, or how detailed the moving boxes are labeled, many of these individuals will still be unpacking boxes a year or more after their move!

You can save time, aggravation, and money when you move simply by taking less items with you when you relocate. Use your move as the excuse that you’ve needed to find the motivation to go through all of your possessions and pare down before you pack!

Only pack those items that you truly want, need and cherish, and get rid of the rest! Sell your unwanted and unneeded items that are in good repair, and recoup some of the costs of your move with the proceeds. Donate items in good repair that you don’t want or need, and don’t feel bad about discarding and throwing away items that are broken, stained, and out of date.

The less items, belongings and furnishing that you pack and take with you when you move, the lower your moving expenses will be! It’s also easier to unpack and become settled in your new home when you’ve reduced your belongings before your move!

Get Creative When Looking for Ways to Save Money on Moving

If your budget for moving expenses is genuinely small, you may need to use some creative thinking to find ways to reduce moving costs. For example, you might consider asking local businesses if you can have some of their shipping boxes in which they’ve received their merchandise. Just keep in mind that you will want to avoid reusing boxes in which fresh produce, pesticides or chemicals have been stored.

Another money saving, packing tip to keep in mind is that clothing, such as socks, can be used to wrap glassware. Dishtowels placed between plates and other fragile items can help to cushion them and reduce the amount of bubble wrap and similar packing materials that one might need when moving.

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