“Why You’re Not Married…Yet,” a Review by ‘ASwirlGirl’

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  ASwirlGirl Why You’re Not Married . . . Yet – The Straight Talk You Need to Get the Relationship You Deserve by Tracy McMillan is based … [Read more...]

Black Women Need to Start “Swirling Into Reality” Says Kola Boof

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“Swirl Into Reality” By Kola Boof “Swirling”—a social term that refers to the recent interracial dating boom in America is now a crucially important … [Read more...]

January Book of the Month: “Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman”

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Yes; I know we're nine days into January, but sorry--I've been kinda busy. In 2012 I'm committed to making sure me and you ladies learn some stuff so … [Read more...]

Book Discussion: “Is Marriage for White People?”

is marriage for white people

The discussion is now open! Here's my first question just to get the conversation started. Get out your wine and cheese, cuz this is gonna be … [Read more...]

BB&W Book Discussion: Kola Boof and “The Sexy Part of the Bible”

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It's a holiday, so you have NO EXCUSE for not listening to me and Kola's hour-long interview about her new novel, The Sexy Part of the Bible. You … [Read more...]

June Book Discussion!! “Substitute Me”


We talk a lot here about the 'mammy' stereotype, the sexless black woman who cares for the household and is absolutely NO competition to the … [Read more...]