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January Book of the Month: “Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman”

Yes; I know we’re nine days into January, but sorry–I’ve been kinda busy. In 2012 I’m committed to making sure me and you ladies learn some stuff so our lives can be better. So why not start with a book that teaches women how to prioritize, go for their dreams and be wickedly successful? And let me tell you–I just received my copy of this best-selling book and the gems inside are voluminous. Vicki Milazzo, author and CEO of a $16 MILLION-DOLLAR business, sat down to chat with me today about her book. Wow, and wait till you hear the gems of knowledge she dropped.

So on February 15 we’re gonna have a nice chat about it.

Vickie milazzo by Christelyn

Buy the book right from her website, and grab a sneak peak inside the book here.

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