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June Book Discussion!! “Substitute Me”

We talk a lot here about the ‘mammy’ stereotype, the sexless black woman who cares for the household and is absolutely NO competition to the lilly-white mistress of the house.

Don’t expect Substitute Me, by author and Temple University journalism professor, Lori Tharps, to follow that meme. The central character, Zora, is a pretty, smart and talented African American chick who comes from a wealthy family, and if they knew she was working as somebody’s domestic servant, they’d snatch her out of New York and back to Michigan for some intense deprogramming sessions.

I sat down for at the e-coffee table with Tharps, who gave me the rundown on this nanny story with a VERY interesting twist. Take a listen:

BB&W Book Club June Tharps by Christelyn

Have you signed up to discuss the book with us at the end of June? No? Whats-a-matta, you?! allergic to good readin’?

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