How Bleaching Products Promoted Colorism in the 1950′s


I saw this on "SwirlQueen's" Facebook feed, published in the 1952 issue of Jet magazine. You know, that magazine that's supposed to celebrate black … [Read more...]

Who Gets Away With Raping Innocent Kids? Blackinstani Folks and Really Rich White People.


This headline stuck in my craw this evening: "Du Pont Heir Gets Probation for RAPING Three-Year-Old Daughter." The suuummmbitch... And why, … [Read more...]

White Feminist Pretending To Be “Concerned” for Asian Women Marrying White Men…Yeah Right!

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UPDATE!!!!!!! It is all a hoax ladies and gentleman the source article is a Hoax. "Anne Gus" is really a guy who was outed after posting an … [Read more...]

I Love Yoga, But I’ll Keep My Clothes On, Thankyouverymuch!

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You guys know I'm a huge advocate of yoga. Yoga has literally transformed my body and my health and I've been a faithful follower of yoga for nearly a … [Read more...]

Video: Okay I’ve Had Enough! Black Parents, You’re Not Superior for Beating the Snot Out of Your Kids!


This is the second video I've seen this week displaying a black mother displaying UTTER CONTEMPT for her daughter. Watch if you … [Read more...]

Shocking: Do We Support Child Brides Or Child Sexual Abuse?

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Many in the world were horrified to hear of an 8 year old Yemeni bride named Rawan who died on her wedding night.  The poor little baby's body was … [Read more...]

OMG No Words. (NSFW) Well…Maybe This Could Encourage Thug-Love Down Lows to Come On Out.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 1.49.35 PM

My Facebook friend, Richard Miller brought this to my attention. At first I was like...WHAT? But then I thought, hey, the black community is so much … [Read more...]

A True WTF Moment…When a Gym Manager Tells a Black Woman She’s Too Fit.

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So it seems that black women are damned if we do, and damned if we don't, doesn't it? By now, many of you have read about a true bit of WTF-ery when … [Read more...]

Can We Please Stop with the Black Woman Fetish Hysteria?

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I've watched with delight over the passed week since covering the Oscars and relishing in Lupita's victory and observed all the speculation about what … [Read more...]

Sh!t Haters Say to Discourage Black Women From Dating Out

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Attention haters, I have a confession. I only engage you in conversation in order to do the following: To demonstrate how much of an idiot you are, to … [Read more...]