Can We Please Stop with the Black Woman Fetish Hysteria?

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I've watched with delight over the passed week since covering the Oscars and relishing in Lupita's victory and observed all the speculation about what … [Read more...]

Sh!t Haters Say to Discourage Black Women From Dating Out

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Attention haters, I have a confession. I only engage you in conversation in order to do the following: To demonstrate how much of an idiot you are, to … [Read more...]

Legion of Doom Mothers on Steroids — What the Cuss?

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This one is breaking my heart. I am very sympathetic to victims of domestic violence to a point. I have seen a lot of crimes and issued lots of arrest … [Read more...]

Roseanne Barr is Running for President, and She Thinks Siding With Known Black-Woman Haters Will Get Her the Black Vote.

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Some say that the more natural of political alliances are between the black man and the white woman. The theory is because both of them have the same … [Read more...]

…And This Man Calls Himself a “Prophet,” While Condemning Interracial Families.

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In the new media age, where ratchetry can be disseminated globally in a matter of seconds, I'm starting to wonder just how many preachers and … [Read more...]

Why Is Everyone Mad At A “Non-Working” Black Woman?

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I find that there are few things that piss off black people more than a stay at home black mother. Not stay at home mother, but stay at home BLACK … [Read more...]

You Tried It: On Unsuitable Men Hiding Behind “Feminism”


In my previous article on the whole "gold digger" meme, I said the following: It is really tiring to me when I see people throwing [the word gold … [Read more...]

End Racial Descriptions in Crime Alerts – What the Cuss?

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(credit: CBS)   There has been a recent uproar at the University of Minnesota because a black student was misidentified as a burglary suspect.  … [Read more...]

A Sister Reacts to Accusation of Race Betrayal

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I was given permission by L. B. Kelle to share a recent experience she had.  Now I know the loyal readers of BBW would have some choice words to say … [Read more...]

Does This Woman Offend You?

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I'm making my rounds this morning to read all the news, rags and gossip and was struck by this woman.   Before I read the story, I took … [Read more...]

Is There Any Group That Blames the Victims Worse?!

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So I'm reading about this miscreant who threw a bowling ball at a woman's HEAD for not accepting his offer to buy her a drink, and the author over at … [Read more...]