This Week in Violence Against Black Women

Written by Nicole J.

You know what seems to be cool in the Internet streets? Recording black women getting disrespected and uploading it for the hopes of going viral. We will be discussing two incidents: one where a bus driver left his bus to spit on a passenger, and another, where a huge group of black male teens descended en masse on a black girl and beat the living daylights out of her. Both incidents happened in New York.


Incident One: This Naker Spitting

First, we have this, a cell phone video that captured the spitting incident.


There are of course, two sides to every story. Other reports state that she started it. I must admit though, I don’t care, because I no longer give black males the benefit of the doubt. They have done too much nonsense to the collective of black women for me to implicitly trust them on a collective level ever again. Take it up with them, not me.


The driver, a 51- year old man named Olusedun Alale, from Nigeria, made the news following the incident. He, decked in what looks like a standard issue cheaply-made Black Church Suit, issued a tearful, blubbering apology to his daughter and his friends, but, incidentally, not his victim.

I think of all the cultures the whole world round, black people hate spitting the absolute most. That might be the one thing we can all agree on. Spitting is reprehensible, vile, and nasty, and if you spit on someone to be disgusting, you deserve the comeuppance that follows. And with COVID-19 transmissible via saliva, and the global panic that is surrounding the virus, that just makes this worse.


But I have to ask – do you think this bus driver would have felt comfortable to run up on a white man and spit on him? Would he have chased a white woman with his sad little run? Do you think he would have exacted his spitting revenge on a fellow black man?


Somehow, I don’t think so.


All too often we see the disrespect of black women take centerstage, no matter her station. Last month, Gayle King, despite being an highly public journalist, was not sheltered from a community-wide onslaught of disrespect, and she’s rich. Her wealth is important because having money affords certain luxuries. And even being a millionaire, she was shown no mercy.

You would have a hard time convincing me otherwise that black males, ADOS, African, and Caribbean alike, simply hate their female reflection on a collective level. When the women of a race are loved, reports like this don’t make the news as often as it does. And, at least in America, black women lead the pack in domestic violence deaths, so I find it very hard to believe that black men like us at all.


I do believe that for the most part, harming black women yields little to no consequences. This is multifactorial – the world sees us as a warrior, workhorse, and wonder women, so of course we can handle the mistreatment, right? The legacy of slavery adds to this, as historically we were robbed of our womanhood, femininity, and humanity in centuries gone by. And yet, we know better now, and the hatred of our image is coming from INSIDE the community before racist nonblacks even enter the picture.


What else is interesting is that, as always, another black male was on scene recording. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad black Spielberg here was on scene to capture this incident. The only thing missing from his cinematic debut is someone shouting “World Star!!!”. I’m sure it will be used as evidence if this ends up going to court or something similar. But there never seems to be any urge to do more than hit the record button. I’m not asking for these dudes to put their lives on the line for a complete stranger. Plus, we all know that the collective of black males are weak and ineffectual anyway, so expecting them to do much of anything is a reach. But it is so rare that there is a black good Samaritan swooping in to save the day. Why is that?


Incident Two: Nightmare on Front Street


The second video I will discuss carries a very serious trigger warning. The incident, captured on CCTV in broad daylight, shows a mob of close to 18 males attacking, stomping on, and robbing a 15-year old girl. Again, this video is very distressing and contains severe violence against a black girl. Viewer discretion is advised.


According to the New York Post, five of these monsters have turned themselves in. From the article, apparently this whole thing happened because the girl allegedly beat up another girl earlier in the day at school, and this was retaliation. They were defending their friend’s honor, you see. How noble of them (please note the sarcasm). Perhaps it’s my naturally cynical nature, but I would bet money that the damsel they are defending is nonblack. But anyway.

Hopefully the criminal justice system is swift and unforgiving to them. This confirms my decision to never live in a majority black neighborhood (I never have though, so what do I know), and either homeschool exclusively, or send any future children of mine to the best private school we can afford. The thought of my children being trapped with them in school every day, irks my very core. This video reflects the harsh reality that many black girls in majority-black schools face, and no child of mine will endure that if I have anything to do with it. But, again, that’s another topic.

I ask this question. Why is it so easy for black males of any age to just attack black women and girls? The bus driver in the first video is 51. These vermin here are teenagers (but will hopefully get tried as adults). What is happening in our community that allows such actions to be so commonplace? A black male will assault a black woman much more easily than nonblack men assault their women, and the CDC supports this claim. This is why I believe that the black male collective hates black women. The easiest way for them to exert any sort of power is by harming women in their community, because the current set up offers no punishment or retribution for harming a black woman or girl. Also, because they are firmly on the bottom on the totem pole of all races of men, they can’t compete against other race men, so we have things like this.

Remember back in July when I wrote about the ToonTown Disney Land brawl? The males in that video shadowboxed each other, and had no problem striking pretty much every much every woman in swinging distance.

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, I don’t care (or believe, to be honest), if your daddy and brother and uncle are all good men. If they’re so great, why are they so silent on this heinous video online? I saw the brothas out en masse in the weeks following that late January helicopter crash…where are they on this? Where are the #girldads now?

This is not normal. Black women from all cultures are facing all manner of harm coming to her from birth until death, often from males in the community, and the “good” ones are not doing nearly enough to counteract it. Black males have all this energy for single motherhood, weaves, weight, twerking, and being worth $5, but no smoke, not even a spark, for these monsters. If you have seen one address these incidents online, please share the link in the comments below.


And people were up in arms when Hillary Clinton called these hellions super predators? Oh, please. How else could we describe them?


Furthermore, I don’t want to hear about how other races of men do this too. Woman-beating knows no race, but how come ours is so easily searchable on YouTube and social media? Furthermore, do Mexican men fill social media mocking their women for having typical Mexican features? Do Asian men use their platforms to mock Asian women for their slanted eyes and petite frame? Does Brad make fun of Becky for the Good Hair? For black people, who stay in church so much and have somehow established ourselves as the moral barometer of the world, we do a bad job of plucking the beam out our own eyes yet trying to pluck the mote out our brethren…But, again, another topic for another day.

I’m sure it happens, but not nearly at the rate at which black males denigrate black women online. Case in point, Teyana Taylor and Ari Lennox compared to rottweilers at the turn of this decade, and many other examples you wouldn’t have to look too far to find. No, jibes on social media isn’t on the same level as physical assault, but the seeds of hatred are planted there, and can blossom into a beatdown in Brooklyn in broad daylight.

But that’s not the whole story now, is it? Black women will always be complicit in the crimes of her precious sons. As always, I didn’t have to look too hard to find black women playing fair and wearing kid gloves in calling this out, and finding a way to make excuses.

“What could have led up to such violence?” they ask. “Is there more to the story?” they ponder.

Who cares? Does a schoolyard fight, the alleged trigger for this, merit 2 baseball teams’ worth of attackers to beat a girl up in broad daylight? I have to ask, how come this maternal instinct kicks in for the perpetrators of the attack, rather than the victim? The victim, mind you, who reflects you as a black woman? So no, maybe we don’t know the “whole story”. But funnily enough, the whole story doesn’t seem to come into play when a nonblack cop assaults a black man. Why is that?

If law enforcement was on the scene and this brawl ended with a hail of bullets and blood, what do you think would follow? I would wager that the victim’s female family members, from their mother on up to their maiden auntie, would be televised, in tears, talking about how good their boy was, about his bright future and the contributions he would have made to society. If a white cop discharged his weapon on these feral males, and white people said “well, they were no angels” in justification of the shooting, there would be riots in the streets and highways and byways would come to a screeching halt condemning them for their racist speech. And yet, black women are using that same line of reasoning against this girl, accusing her of being in a gang, downplaying her injuries, and unironically asking what she did to deserve this. What, I ask, the fuck is wrong with you?


The number one cause of injury to black women is her male reflection. You can blame proximity all you like, but the rate of assaults against black women by black males is too high to deny that something is very, very wrong. Keep championing for bail reform, though. And keep telling cops to stay out of black folks’ business. See how that goes.


But we’re supposed to uplift and advocate for black males, often without question, simply because their melanin content is similar to our own? I think not. Put those marching boots and capes away, because if this video is any indication will steal those same boots as their trophy, smile for the camera, and try and strangle you with the cape.

Are these babies blessings? Absolutely not. We are the mothers of monsters and we need to be extremely judicious about our birthing and mothering practices. What has led to the favorable conditions for these vermin to continue thriving without penalty? It’s multifactorial, but since we possess the womb, the choice is, and always will be, ours to make. 

I have alluded to me burning out on writing for this platform in many of my recent posts.  That’s why I’ve not written much and have turned my focus to the administrative tasks I do for Christelyn while she pursues her other business ventures. Because no matter what I say, black women will still view other black women and girls as second class, even to the males who seek to fucking kill her. That’s not an audience worth addressing. Black people hate each other so much, and not just defend, but worship the black male so much, that even in the face of inexcusable violence, excuses will still be made. Why waste my time writing when my talking points will get reduced to jibes of being self-hating, and judged on a snippet of a sentence rather than the 2000+ word essay where I’ve laid it all out?

If these children are the future, prepare for a black community riddled with even more crime, pestilence and disease than the world has ever seen. If these are y’all’s “kings”, as you like to call them, say hello to the permanent underclass. These “kings”, should they not get taken out by each other in an act of hood regicide, will grow up to do what, exactly? How would the rulership of these kings look? And what of their kingdom, pray tell? Flourishing and fruitful, or desolate and destroyed? I’ll let you figure that out.

Disclaimer: This blog was written by me, Nicole, and my ideas are not necessarily reflective of Christelyn Karazin or other writers on this platform.

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