SirLoin’s Babe Wednesday: Looking back on it

She Walks in Beauty She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that's best of dark and bright Meet in … [Read more...]

SavageTango tells all: Getting his attention

SavageTango Let me say right off I've been down this road on numerous occasions. I'm no stranger to the issues you've raised and understand … [Read more...]


The New and Improved. BB&W Open thread

Today is Father's Day tell us something nice about your old man.   … [Read more...]

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Dr. Phillygirl Pens a Book to Help Get You To “Doctor”

Beyond Black and White would like to throw some shine on one or our own, Phillgirl, who not only recently successfully challenged her PhD dissertation … [Read more...]


Snow Be Damned!! Container Gardening 101

CONTAINER GARDENING 101 I just thought I would write a quick article to answer this reader's question and for any one else out there who is … [Read more...]


Monday-Punday #29

Monday-Punday #29 Another evening wasted with SirLoinDeBeef: Things actually heard in court (word for word): Q: What gear were you in at the … [Read more...]


Monday Punday # 28

Monday-Punday #28   SirLoin, an amateur maritime historian, offers the following tidbit concerning the offshore sailing log of the USS … [Read more...]


Monday Punday # 27

Monday-Punday #27   SirLoin notes that one of the delights of teaching History is the occasional jewel of a student blooper in a essay, … [Read more...]


Monday Punday # 26

Monday-Punday #26   Ah, the limerick - 5 lines of delightful nonsense (often 'unclean') - … [Read more...]


Monday Punday #25

Monday-Punday #25 SirLoin, up to his usual tricks, offers these groaners for your examination: A group of people are touring the White House in … [Read more...]


Monday-Punday #24

Monday-Punday #24 SirLoin thought you'd all enjoy this bit of wisdom ... The Pink Gorilla A middle-aged man is on a business trip through … [Read more...]

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Week-end Read “Blood to Blood” by Ifè Oshun

"Blood to Blood" by Ifè Oshun This is a young adult Fantasy Papa Grace Publishing Published December 28, 2013  Length 232 pages So what is a … [Read more...]

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#Naughty: Massage your Rainbeau/Rainbeauette for Valentines Day

Massage your Rainbeau/Rainbeauette for Valentines Day By SirLoinDeBeef It's a lot better than a card. Lasts longer than a box of chocolates (and … [Read more...]