Open Thread: Back to School for FREE!



For those looking to enhance their lives and improve their situation, there is nothing like knowing how to get your money right and keep it that way.

Free Financial Literacy Course

Purdue University is now offering a free 2016 Financial Literacy Course


It’s Free.


OK, so here is the small print,

…and for a small fee, Purdue University will provide you with a Certificate of Completion.


But heck if you are just doing this for personal enrichment then it’s FREE.


Certificate courses in a variety of disciplines , recognized by many major corporations and employers, are offered free through Harvard, Purdue University, MIT-Sloan School of Management, Stanford, Yale, Chicago Booth and The Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania to name just a few.

Below is a list of places where you can find them.






At BB&W we are all about you being the best you and what better way than to invest the time and effort learning something new, learning something that will make your life better, learning something that will give you the edge at home and at work. Better yet when you can get knowledge for FREE, that is empowering.

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