AAWG: Open Invitation, Nawlins Style

At long last I have put the final pieces of my plan in place. After much plotting, planning, scheming, creating diversions in order to elude counter-intelligence and generally behaving like Walter White in his attempt to keep his dirty deeds and sordid secrets hidden, I am ready to make the attempt to ditch this bauble onto an unsuspecting Lady Smooth…


image1Yeah, that’s the one right there. I am now officially prepared to set my drink down, drop to a knee and ask Lady Smooth to shed her dignity and set aside all common sense and accept my proposal to be my wife!

Yeah! Just like in the fairy tales!

Now see, I’ve known how this was gonna go down for quite some time, but then something else occurred to me on the way. I’m going to take her to New Orleans on Super Bowl Sunday (February 7th for the sports impaired) and then propose to her on Bourbon Street in the same spot her and I became an exclusive couple awhile back.
What? Ya thought I was gonna dress up like a Viking and do this at a renaissance festival?
Heh heh…well the joke’s on you cuz I’m a tricky dude like that! So Bourbon Street on Super Bowl Sunday it is!

But then I got to thinking, and God knows that’s usually when things start to unravel and degenerate from there, but hear me out anyway…

“Ya know, New Orleans is cool, Bourbon Street is damn cool, and Bourbon Street on Super Bowl Sunday is THE coolest party and show I have ever had the privilege of partaking. Why not open this up to those who may be interested and see what we can come up with as far as a get together/meet and greet/ Super Bowl shindig complete with a wedding proposal right there in the middle of Bourbon Street?”

So, I say unto my fine friends who frequent Beyond Black & White…

How about we have our own impromptu non-official BB&W Super Bowl Party in New Orleans the weekend of February 6th thru the 9th, give or take a day?
Y’all can even witness the ambush of Lady Smooth and try to persuade her to refrain from making possibly the worst decision of her life and then offer your condolences should she accept the bauble, which between you and me, I’m pretty sure she’s gonna do and I’m standing here pointing to the fence callin’ my shot Babe Ruth style…heh heh.
So yeah, her and I are gonna be there, I’m gonna ambush her on Bourbon Street and then we’re gonna do The French Quarter from there. Should any of you find this kind of party to your liking, feel free to email me at:

[email protected]

And we can coordinate from there. Again, this is a casual, low key, non BB&W sanctioned soirée but I ain’t gonna lie, y’all are like a cyber family to me. I enjoy reading your thoughts, opinions and comments on a daily basis and I’d be honored to share this special occasion in our life with you.
So let the countdown begin!
Hope to see ya there and share a drink or three while we tear that town up!


Gary B.

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