Pro-Blackness is ultimately unconducive to black women.

An essay



Pro-blackness is ultimately unconducive to black women. Black women are allowing the pro-black dictate to manifest in their everyday lives and actions, and in turn it is alienating them from all potential allies and support systems that do not conform to the “stick with your own kind bravado”.

Meanwhile, black men are doing the opposite. Black males often preach pro-blackness however, their conduct does not mirror this message in any way shape or form. Black males live by a strict code of anti-blackness and it is oftentimes overlooked, excused, or ignored by black women. It looks like the following:

-The refusal to marry the black mothers with whom they chose to procreate with and work in conjunction with to improve the OOW birth rates.

-Their willingness to lay their wealth at the feet of non-black women while the state of their “communities” and inhabitants lay in ruins. A clear indicator that they mostly likely are uncaring about whether the black community thrives or not.

-The vicious and unfortunately uninterrupted cycle of vilification and victimization of the black women/girls (i.e. rapes, murders, and all other forms of abuse) and the immortalizing and reinforcing of menacing stereotypes that often times grant “outsiders” an invitation to jump on the hate bandwagon.

-The killing of innocent and helpless black children and babies at the hands of hostile and unhinged black men whose violent behaviors are often scapegoated using black women and white supremacy.

-The senseless violence perpetrated by black males toward other black males. Something that is often swept under the rug by upholders of the pro-black sentiment who cite white community issue in order pull a veil over or justify black “community” dysfunction.

-The well-oiled engine of white female (non-black woman) exalting and the crusade to fashion an exhibit filled with a plethora of reasons why their own mothers are inferior beings.

-Their frequent testimonies about how they find the black (female) image to be grotesque. Often something they try to pass off as a preference.

The mentally ill black female’s response to all of this vitriol is quite disturbing to say the least. The fact that there were some women who were saying that we should ignore this (book) was in and of itself disturbing. Somehow we have allowed ourselves to be conned into believing that pledging allegiance to a collective of anti- black (black) males and a mangled “community” that has, for the most part, designated black women as lackeys and mere afterthoughts would serve to benefit both them and the black collective. Perhaps this is why we have appointed ourselves martyrs, because we actually believe that our devoutness to our same race adversaries will somehow someday bring about a utopia where blacks are self-sufficient and where we are prized and valued by black men.

Never gonna happen.

As I noted in a comment in the BBW fan page the other day, victimhood it the only weapon that black men have in their arsenal.  When black men blame white men/white supremacy for their woes, what they are ultimately admitting is that the white man is a far better strategist. It takes an extremely feeble, weak-willed collective of men to be this susceptible to being supposedly brainwashed into hating “their own” women/children; especially by the very men that they have dubbed diabolical entities and impostors with the common goal of annihilating their collective.

They accuse Christelyn of falling victim to some hidden agenda devised by the powers that be to cause a divide between black men and women with her message of including white men in their dating/marriage pool, but yet they don’t consider black men producing disparaging commentary aimed at black women as causing division and strife. The black male collective does not give a damn about black women. Their self-importance knows no bounds.

Black males, who seem to play the role of victim exceedingly well, typically are strategic at garnering support and it is mainly through using the method of throwing overtly loyalist black women under the bus by conjuring up conversation with individuals in their spaces about how all of the stereotypes against black women are true and negatively impacted them.

This is the reason why black men have so many willing guards at their gates with shields and pitchforks at the ready. They accumulate support by proselytizing to other groups who already hold less than favorable views of black women that we are problematic and their truest oppressors.

And yet again the black woman’s response to this is to site white supremacy as their oppressors when we have already heard them say time and again out of their own mouths that it is we who are the boogeymen. They make two separate cases to garner sympathy. They use the white supremacy argument with black women and deceive them with the “we are both in the same boat” nonsense. And then they use the tactic of throwing black women under the bus via all the public mocking and humiliation to make themselves look like helpless victims caught in a rapture of black women gone bad.

In other words, what they are doing is trying to convince the world that black women are everything wrong with the black “community”, meanwhile on the other side of the fence they are steady convincing black women that the entire black collective are victims of white supremacy and that this system is entirely the problem. That way they can have an equal amount of sympathizers on both sides of the spectrum. How folks keep falling for this I don’t know

Examples of pro-blackness and unabated fidelity to a group of men and “community” who do not uphold the same credo on the part of black women looks like the following:

-The refusal to consider white (non-black males) as potential companions and husbands, as to maintain undying loyalty to black men and to put a barrier between them and the “men who raped them during slavery”. While black men without an ounce of hesitation or guilt will desperately seek out white (non-black women) to date/marry.

-Tailoring their defensive arguments around slavery in order to justify destructive black male behaviors aimed at members of their own “communities” and overall displaced black male anger.

-The act of having babies with black males who black women know full well have blatantly refused to provide and protect for. In order to fulfill a faux revolutionary quota to produce more black people, i.e. more soldiers to “fight the power”.

-Unwavering support for their abusers by opting to stay silent on the grounds of protecting the black man from the punishment of incarceration and public ridicule.

-The sparing of black male feeling as not to dismiss or be insensitive to their plight or offend that group of eerily silent and complacent group of black men who are “not like that”.

Black men do not do any of the preceding in honor of or in favor of black women. They do not think like this. They do not set aside time to brainstorm ways in which they can make the existence of the black female collective more comfortable.

So why do we feel that it is our duty to do so for them? Why do these warped strategies only make sense in our minds? And why are we refusing to take note of the fact that we are the only ones who go about doing things in this manner? When we offer blind loyalty merely for the simple fact that they look like us, we voluntarily lend fuel to the rusted engine of dysfunction that ultimately drives full steam ahead harboring heaps of generational baggage to dump off at the feet of our offspring.

What benefits do we reap from aligning exclusively with people who are self-appointed gurus of self-pity, self-hate, and professional victimhood all in the name of staying true to this phantom concept of pro-blackness and folks who are unsupportive and quick to throw “their own” under the bus for white approval and brownie points in the first place?

We need to continue to make our exodus from pastures that we keep deluding ourselves into believing are bountiful with the sentiments of unconditional of love and fondness from black men. I’m sorry to break it to you, but the pastures have long since been barren; the roots dead and the crop wilted. Come to terms with this truth, get to running and don’t look back.

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