OPEN THREAD: Dating the recovering racist

“SO my question is, would YOU date a white man who admitted that he is a recovering racist and that he had racist parents?”

We have covered this before on BB&W.
However this is such an important topic of discussion we cannot revisit it too often. 

Since technically this is an open thread, I want to ask a question!  I’m in a seminar class dealing with counseling in a multicultural society. There’s a white young guy that sits in front of me who is super-friendly. We’ve talked a lot. During a discussion about racism against AAs in the U.S., he tells me that he is a “recovering racist”. As he said, “it’s been five years now.” He used to hang out with virulently racist guys in college (racist against mostly black people), his parents are racist, but at some point, he started doing some research and let go of his racist ways. He’s writing his dissertation on a race-related issue and he says that he and his fiancé (and when I heard ‘fiance’, I started to cringe that it might be a black woman) want to adopt transracially (probably a black child. His fiancé is white and he credits her for helping him unlearn the racism.) SO my question is, would YOU date a white man who admitted that he is a recovering racist and that he had racist parents? Was I wrong to cringe on the inside at the prospect of him or someone like him dating a black woman or adopting a black child?  And PS: The number of young white people in the seminar who admitted to having racist relatives was staggering and I’m not talking aunts and uncles, more like moms, dads, and siblings.

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