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Hypocrisy and Double Standards: Why we must ignore the haters

By Niki Chambers “Do you feel guilty?” He said it so quietly that I almost missed it.  I was sitting at my aunt’s kitchen table with a couple … [Read more...]


Thirsty!! Five Personalites from Facebook Loserville!

Social networking has changed our lives in so many ways. It connects people. You can find anything from a new job to new friends to new love. Over … [Read more...]


Niki Chambers: BOINKABLE Hotties, Super Bowl Edition!

I love football. I belong to an all female fantasy football league (named Cougar Blood…yeah, wasn’t my idea) and I took first place in the league … [Read more...]

Nicky Chambers

Goddess of the Week: Niki Chambers!

Dodger fan. Cal Alum. Fashion junkie. Music Aficionado. Foo Fighters addict. Amateur Photog. Foodie in training. Drinker of wine. Hater of phonies. … [Read more...]