Born on the Fourth of July

Well, maybe you were but I wasn't. My actual birthday is the reverse of those numbers, but I do know a few people and entities who were born on this … [Read more...]

#Trending: African Prints

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Oh yes, we are throwing back to the 70s dashiki without the bean pies. Ok, maybe I went a skosh bit too far but I must say, African prints are so in, … [Read more...]

It’s All Black and White with No Shades of Gray

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I wrote about this cutting edge trend last year and it is still going strong. The black and white trend first found traction in the fashion world in … [Read more...]

Cool Summer Trend– Chambray

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Chambray, the sexier, lighter, more demure sister of denim. Cham-brrray, even her name sort of rolls of your tongue. Chambray is a great fabric to … [Read more...]

Fashionable Trends Garnered from The Great Gatsby


This just in.. I absolutely loved and I do mean lurveddd Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby. Despite the fact that I truly dislike the rap music soundtrack … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Wear This Spring’s Wardrobe Staple: White Tee


Hiya Dolls, It would seem that you ladies are so NOT feeling the sporty trend. I can dig it. It is good to know your audience and I am happy to … [Read more...]

Retro Chic with Sandra D

Sandra D 2

The popularity of retro TV shows like Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, Vegas, and the buzz surrounding the summer release of the much anticipated The Great … [Read more...]

Fashion Trending: Sporty Chic

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Yes. I know. I am always writing blog posts on how to dress classically chic and I seem to, without meaning, to neglect the sporty ladies on this … [Read more...]

Five Fashionable Things We Can Learn From Mad Men

As we all know, Scandal is one of my many addictions as far as TV is concerned, but what you may not know is that Mad Men is my other obsession. The … [Read more...]

SS2013 Trend; Boyfriend Jeans How To Wear Them

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I am back with another trend update, insight, etc etc, blah blah...... Ok so I am suffering from yellow fever. Literally. The yellow dust from China … [Read more...]

Showing Too Much Cleavage

At least my date didn't go this badly!

I went on a great first date last week. It was great except that I wore an outfit that showed too much cleavage. It didn't seem like too much when I … [Read more...]