#Trending: Pacifica SS 2014

Summer is fast approaching and the days have been heating up (unless of course you are on the south side of the planet below the equator). Being that it is late spring, the trends always lend themselves to reflect what is going on nature. For example, every year there are a plethora bright colored and floral trends running a muck and trying to outdo each other. Usually one of the trends wins the battle, but this season has seemingly expanded the (flower blooming) field to encompass them all, not to mention allowing them to pollinate with each other, with exquisite panache.


Emporio Armani SS14 Milan_catwalk_print_trends_pattern


One of my favorite trends, among many, is the Pacifica aka Tropical trend. This trends brings a celebration or homage to tropical plants by splashing them in a continuous pattern on shoes, handbags, pants, dresses and tops in bright and sometimes subdued hues that mimic these blooms in the wild.


Etro Spring Summer 2014_Catwalk_trends_Prints_Milan


From designers Roberto Cavalli, Etro, Versace, and Armani, it would seem that the tropical trend was the forerunner on the catwalks of Milan this season.




Now I know what some of you are thinking, I do not wish to look like a has-been tourist running around in tacky Tommy Bahamas gear. Well hold your dark shade wearing fanny pouch carrying horses, this trend is much more elegant than that. Think Bali, Hawaii, and the many islands dotting the Pacific Ocean. You can mix match many other patterns with this trend including paisley, polk-a-dots, and animal prints to name a few. So tap into your tropical goddess and embrace the Pacifica trend this spring. I promise once you do, you feel fresh and carefree all spring and summer long and you will definitely feel like you are on a tropical beach sipping Mai Tai’s and eating exotic cuisine, at least in your mind you will. Take a look at some of the pieces I put together for this trend below.



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