Iffy Belly? No Waist to Speak Of? Consider the Monokini

I am one of those unfortunate women who does not have an hourglass shape. Yes; I’m slim and fit, but no amount of exercise and diet will change my basic anatomy. So I have to fake it by choosing items in my wardrobe that give the illusion of an hourglass. Enter the most amaze balls bathing suit invention: the monokini. The monokini does two things: I covers the pooch-part of an “iffy” belly while the vertical lines gives this illusion of a slim waist.



Take a close look at each of the models…the attention is drawn away from the center of the belly and onto the side, so if you’re hoping to show off all that work you’ve been doing on your obliques this the suit for you. Notice also that a monokini compliments any bust size.

I picked up one last year in Mexico and I finally got the nerve to wear it this weekend when we visited the in-laws in La Quinta.



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