Weekend Read: Unedited Excerpt from ‘SEEKER’S SOLACE’ Vampire Council of Ethics, Book 4


Unedited Excerpt from 'SEEKER’S SOLACE' Vampire Council of Ethics, Book 4 By TJ Michaels Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved Jovon felt … [Read more...]

Abiola Abrams and Mollena Williams Address Now-Infamous Letter That Called Interracial Relationships Into Question


A boatload of you asked me to address the letter published in Essence.com from a black woman who alleged that her white husband called her racial … [Read more...]

Love Class! Dating Out of the Box: Interracial, Interfaith & Online with Abiola Abrams!

Abiola Abrams Relationship Columnist Coach

My chica Abiola Abrams discusses Interracial Relationships, Interfaith Love and Online Dating with Author Damona Hoffman, a columnist for JDate and … [Read more...]

EarthJeff: Not in Kansas anymore – On the road with 18 teenagers… Part 1


Are we all ever out of our element…. Geez.  I thought I would share with you the wonderful experience with being out on the road with 18 teenagers and … [Read more...]

Weekend [Cocktail] Read: Interracial Erotica in the Evening…

sexy lip lock

The 22-Hour Date By R.K. Bryant R.K. Bryant reached out to BB&W because she is an unsure, up and coming author of erotica who observed our … [Read more...]

Sometimes the Words Don’t Fit in My Mouth………Makes Me Wanna Holla

Sometimes the words don't fit in my mouth, and so I throw them at people instead. But I've recently had to ask myself, 'Why fucking … [Read more...]

A Different “Defense of Marriage”

wedding rings

It's been suggested that we release "marriage" from government, give it entirely & symbolically over to religious institutions, and use civil … [Read more...]

OPINION: “Government Shouldn’t Be Involved in Gay Marriage Debate”

Screen shot 2013-03-28 at 5.10.36 AM

By Shaun Brown *The opinions stated by the author do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Beyond Black & White editorial staff** When … [Read more...]

Look What’s Coming–Matthew Hussey’s “Get The Guy” Book!

GTG book

Most of you know by now Matthew Hussey is a good friend of mine. I've watched up close and cheered at his meteoric success, because he's tremendously … [Read more...]

Who Da F*ck Did I Think I Am……………..? (A Poem for My Sisters Quietly Watching)

tracy renee cover

WHO THE FUCK DID I THINK I AM? Who the hell was I to think I'm talented enough and how dare I believe all that complimentary stuff! How … [Read more...]

What Black Men Say When Black Women Aren’t Around

black man shrugging

What do men talk about when women aren't around? Is the conversation different based on the races, ages and culture of the men? Did you ever wish … [Read more...]