Pornography Versus Erotica: Corset Magazine Settles the Score


The biological chemistry of sexual desire and intrigue has been with man (and woman) since the beginning of time and I don't believe that's ever going … [Read more...]

Weekend Read: Gynger Fyer’s “Red Light Special”


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BB&W Online Dating Challenge: Deconstruct My Profile Text!


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Weekend Read: Unedited Excerpt from ‘SEEKER’S SOLACE’ Vampire Council of Ethics, Book 4


Unedited Excerpt from 'SEEKER’S SOLACE' Vampire Council of Ethics, Book 4 By TJ Michaels Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved Jovon felt … [Read more...]

Abiola Abrams and Mollena Williams Address Now-Infamous Letter That Called Interracial Relationships Into Question

A boatload of you asked me to address the letter published in from a black woman who alleged that her white husband called her racial … [Read more...]

Love Class! Dating Out of the Box: Interracial, Interfaith & Online with Abiola Abrams!

Abiola Abrams Relationship Columnist Coach

My chica Abiola Abrams discusses Interracial Relationships, Interfaith Love and Online Dating with Author Damona Hoffman, a columnist for JDate and … [Read more...]

EarthJeff: Not in Kansas anymore – On the road with 18 teenagers… Part 1


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Weekend [Cocktail] Read: Interracial Erotica in the Evening…

sexy lip lock

The 22-Hour Date By R.K. Bryant R.K. Bryant reached out to BB&W because she is an unsure, up and coming author of erotica who observed our … [Read more...]

Sometimes the Words Don’t Fit in My Mouth………Makes Me Wanna Holla

Sometimes the words don't fit in my mouth, and so I throw them at people instead. But I've recently had to ask myself, 'Why fucking … [Read more...]

A Different “Defense of Marriage”

wedding rings

It's been suggested that we release "marriage" from government, give it entirely & symbolically over to religious institutions, and use civil … [Read more...]