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OPINION: “Government Shouldn’t Be Involved in Gay Marriage Debate”

By Shaun Brown

*The opinions stated by the author do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Beyond Black & White editorial staff**

When I checked my Facebook today, it looked like my news feed came out of the closet. With the Supreme Court hearing two cases this week, everyone is laying out their opinion on social media. Social issues have always caused heated emotional discussion and no one is willing to give an inch or think outside of the box they were put into 10+ years ago.  Well, I’d like to start a “Kitchen Table” discussion here on the site.  I have no room for political correctness.  It kills free thinking and real discussion with people because they are scared to hurt someone’s feelings or be attacked over a disagreement.  I feel diverse cultures and backgrounds could lead to great discussions and exchanges.
Let me introduce myself before we move into the topic at hand.  My name is Shaun Brown, I’m 26 and I live in Richmond, VA.  I am currently engaged to a lovely black woman named Victoria (God bless her for putting up with me).  I am a Conservative Libertarian and I subscribe to maximum freedom with maximum responsibility.  I won’t hide the fact I am a Christian, Southern Baptist, on Holy Ghost Fire type Christian.  However, I am a bit unique.  I feel that I have no right to tell someone else how to live unless they “pick my pocket or break my leg” as Thomas Jefferson would say.
Now back to Gay Marriage and the decision ahead of the SCOTUS.  Last week in bible study we talked about Gay Marriage and my Pastor said the Church needs to stand up to this.  To stop letting the world set the standard for the church.  I told him in my opinion, the issue is lost.  From a political standpoint, Democrats have been supporting it for a while because they really do support it or it is a way they can pick up more votes.  Republicans, even Christian Republicans from the South are going to end up giving in because at the end of the day it is all about getting elected to office. For 90% of the people in Washington DC. that is all they really care about.  Republicans are not winning any extra votes for opposing it, so why oppose it?  I do not agree with Gay Marriage because the Bible teaches that marriage is between a Man and a Woman. This has been so for 3000+ years. Plus I feel marriage is a religious institution. A covenant between a man and woman with their God to hold to the principals of marriage as instructed in the Bible.  Now I can already hear people cussing at their computer, just keep reading.  There is more to my thoughts and opinion, remember I believe in maximum freedom and maximum responsibility.
I also believe the government should allow gay couples the same rights and benefits as a traditionally married couple.  Yes, that is right.  Didn’t think you would see that did you? Really the root of my argument has nothing to do with allowing these rights and benefits to everyone who enters a civil contract with one another.  Marriage I feel is something different. That is something between you and God.  I know so much focus is put on the word “Marriage” from gay rights groups but why?  I always thought the original fight was for the rights that came with that union of two people.
At the end of the day, this is what we should be talking about.  Why does the Government have its nose in it?  I think it should be done by the church as a private contract and we shouldn’t have this argument of who’s married and who isn’t married.  In the contract you can take care of things like being able to see your spouse if they are in an emergency room.  I have my standards but I shouldn’t impose my standards on others. Others have their standards and they have no right to impose their marriage standards on me. But if we want to have something to say about marriage, it should be at the state level and not at the federal level.  That is the best thing about our country, if you don’t like the laws in your state.  Just move to a state that has the views you do.  If you really feel that strong about it you have options.
So, what say you?  As always discuss this logically, not emotionally.  Once emotion kicks in, there is no more real dialog.  Also let me know if you want me to do some News of the day type articles or if you have a topic you want me to comment on write it below.

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