“Expires By…” Do You Know When to Dump Your Toothbrush?

Electric Toothbrush

  It’s best not to ruminate about how much bacteria are on your toothbrush.  Chances are its chock full of them from the first time you use … [Read more...]

The Doctor is In: Five Reasons Why Powerful Men Cheat


5 Reasons Why Powerful Men Cheat By Terri Orbuch PhD What motivates men like Gen. David Petraeus, who seemingly "has it all," to throw away his … [Read more...]

Takers, Makers and Shakers

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I sit at my computer trying to come up with a solution to the current state of affairs I find myself in. As the sole breadwinner in my two person … [Read more...]

My Birthday: Act Three

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*****Part one and two can be found here if you need to catch up or are wondering WTF....is going on***** The phone rings once and he picks up. I … [Read more...]

My Birthday: Part Too

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Part "Too" or Part "Won" The phone barely rang before she answered "Tracy?!" "Um, yeah. Its Tracy. Sorry I hung up. I'm at work and needed to take … [Read more...]

A Black Conservative Woman’s Take on Mitt Romney and Black Mormons


I am a proud conservative republican and Mitt Romney supporter.  With the level of vitriol hurled at black conservatives, I was not going to chime in … [Read more...]

Mammy, the Mule and Equally Yoked: Observations of Black Female Gender Identity


To continue the conversation regarding the issues we see displayed by certain females of the Black Community I decided to dissect a few contributing … [Read more...]

“Just Ignore It” Isn’t a Solution for Abusive Behavior


Women walk down certain streets in certain neighborhoods and get verbally assaulted daily. These women change their style dress thinking too much calf … [Read more...]

Shy Interracial Daters: Are You Wasting Your Time Being a “Pillar of Salt” Woman?

Businesswoman - Hear No Evil

Almost all of us know the story of Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah from the Bible. We know what happened to Lot’s wife when she decided to remain in a … [Read more...]

Leona’s Love Quest Part XVI- “I’m Having a Hard Time Getting Over the Relationship We Were Never In”

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  If you haven’t yet discovered someecards.com, a website that never fails to come up with exactly the right snarky, sardonic musings for any … [Read more...]

Does Good Sex Matter…and If So How Much?

kissing couple

As the resident sex-pert and relationship voyeur I'm often asked questions about the birds, the bees and....sex among and between humans. I'm not … [Read more...]