Why I Have Mixed Feelings About the Firing of the Co-Host of the “Opie & Anthony” Show


I remember when I was working as a lowly PR grunt representing a bagel company and trying to get a mention on the "Opie and Anthony" show when they … [Read more...]

New Documentary on the Black Church Shines a Light on Prosperity Pimps for Dollars

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I have to give credit where it's due, because columnist Deborrah Cooper was the first to shine a light on how the church exploits black women and … [Read more...]

History Made: Michelle Howard Become Navy’s First Female Admiral

Adm. Michelle Howard, black woman, Navy, historical, promotion, successful, military career, breaking barriers,

Monday was event for celebration as the United States Navy appointed Michelle Howard to the ranks of Admiral making her the first woman in US history … [Read more...]

Riddle Me This: What Other Award Shows Have Actual Shootings and People Killed ‘Black Excrement Television’ (BET)


I'm convinced most of the wealthy black elite class in America could not give two negative phucks for 'regular' black people, and they're willing to … [Read more...]

I Officially Hate the Female Character for Zane’s Book-Into-Movie, #Addicted


So why am I a hater? Take a look at this trailer and you'll get an idea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LErjzY_wKI Okay so this woman has TWO … [Read more...]

This Brown Baby is Oxford Bound! 8 Year Old Makes University History

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His name is Joshua Beckford and he's 'just a normal 8 year old', according to his proud father. He asks a lot of curious questions and he can be … [Read more...]

Robin Thicke and His Very Public Attempt to Win Back His Wife. You Buying It?

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Robin Thicke is really, really, really serious about winning back his humiliated wife, Paula Patton with this new video, "Get You Back," and warns all … [Read more...]

Company’s Photo Discrepancy Gives Subtle Message to Black Mothers Versus White Mothers


I've quietly watched a company called Baby K'Tan work to dig itself out of a public relation social media nightmare because of this photo. There are … [Read more...]

Man Candy Monday: Men in Uniform to Service You

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I know, I know, I know. You wanted a Man Candy bag filled to the brim with MEN IN UNIFORM, and after much toiling and investigating I'm pleased to … [Read more...]

Utter Hypocrisy: Let’s Talk About All the Dudes Hating On Eve’s Marriage

Essence, Dr. Farrah Gray, Black men, haters, marriage, Eve, Maximillion Cooper, swirling, media, families, blended couples, engagements, culture,

Sigh...a segment of people invested in keeping black women in an inferior position (and I say "people," because this group is composed of both black … [Read more...]