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Black Hypocrisy: Kanye vs. Megan Thee Stallion

Written by Nicole

It should not come as a surprise that the black community is largely comprised of hypocrites. Out of one side of the community’s mouth, black lives matter, and out the other, we jump at the chance to show how little we care for it ourselves. Today, we march in protest of police brutality. But on the weekend, we try and break records for how many black lives can be gunned down in a 48-hour period.

Is this outside BLM’s jurisdiction? I’m sure a lot of those lives were black. Do they matter or nah?

Today, we chant no justice, no peace. But when coronavirus was first kicking off, the mayor of a largely black city had to plead with residents to stop shooting each other so there was enough hospital space to treat infected individuals.

That same hypocrisy was on full display the last few weeks as two famous rappers made news for different reasons. Kanye Kardashian-West announced his presidential hopes amidst what has been diagnosed by Twitter Psychiatrists as some kind of bipolar episode. Then, Texas rapper Megan Thee Stallion was allegedly shot in the feet by Canadian Oompa Loompa reject and rapper Tory Lanez. I haven’t been following social media antics much lately. At a certain point, you just gotta let everybody do what they want and aggressively mind your own business. But since I haven’t been writing for a while, and people seem to flock to posts that have a harsher slant, let me get into it.


Black folks are big hypocrites. And yes, I’m well aware that hypocrisy knows no race, but in this instance, I am specifically focusing on this hypocrisy within the black community. And not only do we display it so effortlessly, I don’t think we realize how bad it is. So let’s look at a few points that shows the trifling was of this community, comparing and contrasting Kanye and Megan’s recent undertakings.


  • Kanye gets pitied for losing his mother, Megan does not.

    Donda West died tragically in November 2007. The death of a mother is not something anyone truly gets over. However, there’s gotta be a limit to how much coddling is expended for a tragedy that happened 13 years ago. “He lost his mother!” they cry in his defense of his multiple acts of foolishness. I’m sure that 10 years from now, that excuse will still be a viable one for Kanye’s antics. And, Kanye is 43 years old, well into the category of grown ass man, plus he has enough resources to get top level professional help. But again, he lost his mother. So that’s the reason for his latest behaviors. Tada, a nice, easy explanation.

    Megan, who is 25, lost her mother last year. And if that wasn’t bad enough, her grandmother died the same month as her mom. And yet, there is no pity for her, despite the wound being significantly fresher. Get over it, bitch. Ain’t stallions skronggg?

    Conclusion: The death of a mother is only a viable excuse for black males. Black women who lose their mother need to bury her and be back at it exactly 14 minutes later.

  • Megan was shot and STILL doesn’t even get the benefit of the doubt

    Somewhere along the line, black males placed themselves to automatically be the recipient of the benefit of the doubt from the black community. Here are some examples:

    Uncle Cletus isn’t a pedophile for touching Little Judy inappropriately, it is Judy, at six-years-old, was fast, seduced him, and should have known better.

    Remember when that 78-year-old grandmother in the Bronx got her face kicked in by a random black male loser? I certainly do. And you know what else I remember? Social media commentators, including black women, asking what SHE must have done to merit such a beating. You know those grannies have a slick mouth, right?

    Or how about, I don’t know, literally any day this year, where a black woman came to harm for any reason. What is the common reply to her plight? You know the words, sing along! Let the choir sing “She should have chose better!”

But Megan was shot in the feet and people who were 17 states away are expert witnesses somehow can contort a reason as to why she deserved it.

Because her stage name is that of a male horse, that merits getting shot.

Or, because of her height, at 5’10”, that merits getting shot. Meanwhile Taylor Swift, Jane Lynch, Blake Lively, and a good portion of any model on any runway are not expected to brush off violence directed at them because they are tall.

Or because she has the nerve to rap about sexuality, her feet were just asking for bullets.

Conclusion: The black community will automatically extend the benefit of the doubt to black males. For black women to receive the benefit of the doubt, a formal application must be made to the relevant authorities and expect a decision to be made in three to five business years.

  • Megan’s lyrics are used to justify the violence done to her. Kanye’s is just his pain put to music.

    I don’t know any songs in Megan’s discography as I do not listen to any rap, regardless of the artist. But I do know that she has rapped about having a Hot Girl Summer, and being a Savage. So, because of that, apparently, she deserved to be shot. Therein lies the black hypocrisy again, front and center.

    Here are just a few examples:
    NWA rapped about One Less Bitch back in 1991:

    “I tied her to the bed, I was thinking the worst/But yo, I had to let my niggas fuck her first/Yeah, loaded up the 44 yo/Then I straight smoked the hoe”

    And here we are, 29 years later, where Dr. Dre is getting all this pity for the divorce he’ll be going through shortly. Poor woman-beating, rape-rapping Andre. You goddamn hypocrites.

    Kanye’s not exempt from his share of terrible lyrics either, having more misogynistic bitches and hoes than you can shake a VMA at. There are too many to list.

    Kanye said slavery was a choice not too long ago. He apologized, so all was forgiven, because a weak “sowwy” is all it takes for a black male to be in the good graces again. But even more recently, Kanye spoke out against Harriet Tubman in a bizarre political rally in South Carolina earlier this month. He said Harriet “never actually freed the slaves, she just had them work for other white people,”. But you know. His mom died. He’s going through some shit. Poor Kanye. He’s troubled, he’s hurting.

    Megan deserved what she got, though, apparently. That’s what happens to Hot Girl Savages. Haha!

    Goddamn. Hypocrites.

    Conclusion: Rap lyrics deemed undesirable when rapped by a black woman is justification for her harm. Actively violent or disgusting black male lyrics are art, the soundtrack to the revolution, or something. It’s just music, unless it’s a black woman benefitting from it.

  • Megan using Stallion as her stage name means she deserves it

    Stallion is a slang term used to refer to an attractive woman over 5’7” (see definition two here). But because it is also the name for a male horse, of course she deserved to get shot. No matter what harm befalls a black woman, the black community will find some way to make it her fault. At this rate global warming is going to be attributed to black women, because of weave and makeup. If the aliens come and start abducting people from Area 51, that’ll be black women’s fault too. Should have laid off the eyeliner.

    But other rappers, like Ghostface Killah, Lil Uzi Vert, and Tech N9ne all have mentions of weapons or acts of violence in their stage name. And no one bats an eye at that. Other rappers have actually committed murders, or were accused and got away on a technicality, like Snoop, yet are still held in high esteem. Because black folks are hypocrites.

    Conclusion: Your stage name means you deserve what happens to you, but only if you’re a black woman. You can rap under the name Murdermurder-Killer-Glock AK 47 McStabbypants as a black male, and be mourned if something bad happens to you, or be praised for anything else.

  • Megan is attention seeking and her pain is for laughs…

    Vending machine reject 50 Cent (another rapper who gets excuses made for him all the time no matter how atrocious his behavior) was quick to join in the pile on of mocking what happened to Megan. One would think that as a gunshot survivor himself he would show some solidarity by shutting the entire fuck up for once, but…no. He and hundreds of males like him made memes mocking Megan which went equally, if not more viral than the incident itself.

    But Kanye is going through a mental health crisis and we should show compassion. Poor Kanye. He doesn’t know any better, at 43 years old. Poor Kim, this wasn’t what she signed up for. Poor them.

    Conclusion: Black women will always be the punch line, the punching bag, and have to simply roll with the punches as we endure assaults from all sides. Black males, however, are the princesses in the tower who just didn’t know any better and need to be rescued.

  • But Kanye is in need of a black woman to heeeeeaallll him.

    More hypocrisy. Quelle surprise.

    This particular point is the most hypocritical to me. For decades, Kanye and his rapper and athlete buddies have made no qualms about their quest, plans, and insatiable desire to conquer white and nonblack vagina. Cheers to more light skin kids. I bet that bitch looks better red. Only the bitches with the nice hair. You’ve heard it all before. Kanye literally telegraphed his plans in the dusty black male anthem Gold Digger, famously saying “And when you get on, he’ll leave yo’ ass for a white girl”.

    He’s with his prize, Kim, who he married however many years ago that was. She, as his wife, can be his peace, and his therapist, and his nurse. Black women are not rehabilitation centers for broken men. Nor are we your beast of burden, only good to pack your troubles on. Go away. Leave us alone, forever.

    Remember the casting call for Straight Outta Compton? The “D girls” were to be African-American women, “poor,” in bad shape and with “medium to dark skin tone.” Compare that to the desirable “A girls”, “the hottest of the hottest” who could be of any ethnicity, and “B girls” the “light-skinned” ones. How about getting a prescription for healing from the A and B girls, and leave the so-called D girls out of it?

    But the hypocrisy does not end there. A lot of black males’ primary use of YouTube is to denigrate black women. There is no shortage of footage of their unwashed screeching decrying us as unfit mothers incapable of raising sons, tombs for wombs, the worst steward of children, bastard baby makers, net worth of $5 having, weave-wearing monster mothers. So why then should any black woman of any station sign up to be the whipping girl for black male trauma? I mean, they’ve made no bones about telling us, and the world, what a bad job we make of it. Maybe Becky and her crew can have a whack at it. Take one for the team, sis.

    Conclusion: Black males will always get their redemption storyline arc, and they should always get the chance to change, to heal, to turn things around. And black women should be the ones orchestrating the whole ordeal, at our expense, because we don’t have value unless we are acting as a mule for the black male plight. Apparently.

  • The shooter is an inspiration

    “iT’s JuSt a JoKe”…until it’s time to march for them, that is.


    If there’s anything black males are good at; it’s shooting black women. Black women lead the pack in female homicide victims, and the weapon of choice they use on us, is of course, a gun. So, when these incels with internet fix their fingers to type that Tory set the tone – it is not a joke. The fact is, the tone has already been set, and it continues on unchecked by the so called fairy tale Good Black Men everybody loves to shriek about.

    Case in point: the same week Megan got shot, 31 black women were murdered. Not only were there zero marches, rallies, or speeches made in their honor, but the internet was busy mocking Megan.

    But we’ve seen what happens when a black male is the victim – but only from nonblack perpetrators. Black lives matter most after a nonblack person, specifically law enforcement, harm, hurt or take one. A male one.

    Conclusion: Some losers believe that Megan’s shooter set the tone for shooting black women, but the tone was set long before this and the commenters above are late to the party.


I don’t know how we are supposed to ensure nonblack people recognize that our lives matter, when we jump at the chance to show they don’t matter to us. Black women are seen as afterthoughts, and our pain is often ours alone to bear. Any effort to draw attention to our plight is considered divisive, and not the time. Black males’ pain however, no matter the reason, or how long ago it was, is always at the forefront. The hypocrisy in the black community is staggering, yet unsurprising. If you really want to make people believe that black lives matter, how about starting with the black lives right in your backyard, who is not being harmed by nary a cop, but the brother, the cousin, the uncle, the boyfriend, the male relative. Hypocrites.

Disclaimer: This blog was written by me, Nicole, and my ideas are not necessarily reflective of Christelyn Karazin or other writers on this platform.

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