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"Getting Some" By Kiki Terrell The novel is about three women from America and the Caribbean, pursuing life and love in the UK. Here's some more … [Read more...]

Sapphire On a Side Note: Patriarchy, Purity and the Obviously Intimidated Phallus

Glamour Girls - Topless Model

Thanks to this side conversation started by the lovely and talented Toni M where she asked What comes first? The Mammie or her sister/evil split … [Read more...]

“Just Ignore It” Isn’t a Solution for Abusive Behavior


Women walk down certain streets in certain neighborhoods and get verbally assaulted daily. These women change their style dress thinking too much calf … [Read more...]

BB&W Exclusive: Sexy at Sixty, Author Wendy Ida Talks About Her Escape from Blackistan and More!

Wendy Ida and her husband, Art.

Without even knowing it, Wendy Ida is a BWE warrior. At 60-years old, she's living her best life--beautiful and in the best shape of her life, happily … [Read more...]