Yes, “Too Much Good-for-You Stuff” Can be Just as Bad as Junk!

woman eating apple

Think a sweet, delicious, nutritious Granny Smith apple could never turn on you? Think again. Your favorite healthy food is only good until … [Read more...]

BB&W Exclusive: Kola Boof Engaged to Rainbeau, Pilot and Businessman, Jason Appelbaum

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Bestselling novelist Kola Boof (44) has accepted a marriage proposal from air force pilot and businessman Jason Appelbaum (48). They have known each … [Read more...]

Weekend Read: “Niah’s Pride”


Blurb: Niah Pryde is no shrinking violet. Not only is she one of the best hunters for S.W.A.T.—the Shifter and Were Armed Tactics agency—but Niah can … [Read more...]

Weekend Read: Zombie Horror!!

Devil's Wake Cover

August 12 3:23 p.m. I-5 Freeway, Southern Washington State —ongoing concerns over scattered reports of violent, perhaps drug-in­duced behavior … [Read more...]

Weekend Read: “Mama’s Child”

Mama's Child Cover

Summary: Mama’s Child is story of an idealistic young white woman who travelled to the American South as a civil rights worker, fell in love with an … [Read more...]

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“Men Aren’t Stupid. And Nine Other Free Lessons That Will Change Your Life,” A Book Review

men aren't stupid and nine other free lessons that will change your life

There is no shortage of relationship books being marketed to women. In such a flooded field, a book that would be worth your time to read needs to … [Read more...]

Author Spotlight: Our Very Own “SwirlQueen” is a Children’s Book Author!

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It is my pleasure to announce that our much-loved Lorraine Spencer aka 'SwirlQueen' has published two children's books! I'm not sure many of you know, … [Read more...]

Weekend Read:


"Getting Some" By Kiki Terrell The novel is about three women from America and the Caribbean, pursuing life and love in the UK. Here's some more … [Read more...]

Author Spotlight: Fairy Tales Especially for Our Little Girls…

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Kimberly Jessy has created a series of fairy tales centered around the beautiful Princess Tyler Marie, a Panamanian princess. All illustrations are … [Read more...]

Weekend Read: “Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever” (A Spoof)

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CHAPTER ONE   I purse my lips in frustration, brush my hair back, and tame it with the last bit of gel left in the jar. Damn, my weave is … [Read more...]

Weekend Read: Cora Blu’s “BLADE” Book II


“BLADE” Book II. By Author Cora Blu Brothers of Element Series. Tiger shark shifter’s First mating. To save the ocean and their people, King … [Read more...]