Monday is Punday.

From the Decrepit desk of SirLoinDeBeef Monday is Punday #3 Continuing with the format at sickens the soul first  limerick The bottle of … [Read more...]

Monday is Punday


From the keyboard of SirLoinDeBeef: We know, after the 1st submission, that the PUN really is the lowest form of humor ... possibly battling it out … [Read more...]

Monday is Pun day.


It has been said that the PUN is the lowest form of humor ... possibly battling it out with the Limerick for bottom-of-the-barrel last place. The … [Read more...]

Friday Funny: Archie and Valerie Have a Swirl Baby!


My how things have changed! If you would have told me I'd ever see this when Archie and the Pussycats were on the tube on Saturday morning's comic … [Read more...]

Friday Funny: Do Black Women Have a B*tchy Resting Face?


My BB&W opertatives came upon this video and shared it with me, and while it's funny, there's whole lot of truth to it. While the white chicks in … [Read more...]

Lonnie’s Friday Funny: When Old People Hurt Themselves in Space…

fallen color

Clip courtesy of Lonnie Milsap … [Read more...]

The annoyances of online dating


I saw this blurb come through from the wonderful Paul Carrick Brunson a few days ago and still can't stop laughing!   What Do You Like To … [Read more...]

Lonnie’s Friday Funny: The Perils of Online Dating…


Hey! Have you gotten your Father's Day gifts yet? Lonnie's cartoon books make for GREAT bathroom reading! Check him out here. … [Read more...]

Lonnie’s Friday Funny: Fruit and Car Accidents


For more hilarity, go visit Lonnie's site here. … [Read more...]

It’s Back! Lonnie’s Friday Funny!!

Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 7.48.31 AM

After a hiatus, Lonnie's cartoon strips are BACK! Love Lonnie like I do? Go to his site and check out his comic books. Father's Day is coming … [Read more...]

EarthJeff: On the road with 18 Teenagers… Part II

To see Part I, click here. Things are in order and we let the kids off the bus and most of the ladies head right for….. the gift shop so they can buy … [Read more...]