Monday is Punday #7


  Monday-Punday #7   SirLoinDeBeef, chancing upon further instruction in the quest for ultimate groan-inducing vagaries of the … [Read more...]

Monday is Punday


Monday-Punday #7   SirLoinDeBeef gets an unholy enjoyment out of making people groan, clutch their bellies and start to compose elegant death … [Read more...]

Monday is Punday….5


Monday-Punday #5 Once again, from the noisome, ichor-besmirched depths of SirLoinDeBeef's perverse depravity, comes these droppings of literary … [Read more...]

Monday-Punday #4


    Yet another bloated bubble of negative creativity, arising from the primordial ooze within the mind of SirLoinDeBeef.   There once was … [Read more...]

Monday is Punday.

From the Decrepit desk of SirLoinDeBeef Monday is Punday #3 Continuing with the format at sickens the soul first  limerick The bottle of … [Read more...]

Monday is Punday


From the keyboard of SirLoinDeBeef: We know, after the 1st submission, that the PUN really is the lowest form of humor ... possibly battling it out … [Read more...]

Monday is Pun day.


It has been said that the PUN is the lowest form of humor ... possibly battling it out with the Limerick for bottom-of-the-barrel last place. The … [Read more...]

Friday Funny: Archie and Valerie Have a Swirl Baby!


My how things have changed! If you would have told me I'd ever see this when Archie and the Pussycats were on the tube on Saturday morning's comic … [Read more...]

Friday Funny: Do Black Women Have a B*tchy Resting Face?


My BB&W opertatives came upon this video and shared it with me, and while it's funny, there's whole lot of truth to it. While the white chicks in … [Read more...]

Lonnie’s Friday Funny: When Old People Hurt Themselves in Space…

fallen color

Clip courtesy of Lonnie Milsap … [Read more...]