I Told Tyler Perry I Want to See More HEALTHY Swirl Relationships on the Tom Joyner Show This Morning

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I had the opportunity of a lifetime today to speak my piece to Tyler Perry and get the peanut gallery to admit that colorism plays a MAJOR role in the … [Read more...]

Is Jack Reynor Hollywood’s Latest Irish Fetish? [New Off-Topic Post]


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It’s Not Always Easy To Love Me. But I Thank You For It

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I recently got an email from a supporter of mine who was worried about all the rumors going around about me--you know, the ones that say I'm an … [Read more...]

Monday Punday # 27


Monday-Punday #27   SirLoin notes that one of the delights of teaching History is the occasional jewel of a student blooper in a essay, … [Read more...]

Can We Please Stop with the Black Woman Fetish Hysteria?

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I've watched with delight over the passed week since covering the Oscars and relishing in Lupita's victory and observed all the speculation about what … [Read more...]

Check Out My “Swirlr” Interview on CNN/HLN…Now the World Knows…Mwhhahaha!

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I was sick as a dog doing this show, but I managed to keep it together long enough to not look like I was ready to throw up on my shoes. I love the … [Read more...]

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – The Barbara Hillary Story

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  I stumbled across this video of the fabulous Barbara Hillary a couple years back and revisited it today.  As a relationship coach, I meet … [Read more...]

Time to Reactivate the Friday Funny: “Who Would You Boink, Livefyre Edition!


It's been a loooong time since we've done, "Who Would You Boink," and we haven't done it since Livefyre allowed for commenters to post pictures and … [Read more...]

It’s Here! The First Episode of “Swirlr”

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Sorry for the delay, but worry not, lovelies...here's the first episode. I had a lot of fun with Kurt and Quintana. Both are young, and both … [Read more...]

Sh!t Haters Say to Discourage Black Women From Dating Out

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Attention haters, I have a confession. I only engage you in conversation in order to do the following: To demonstrate how much of an idiot you are, to … [Read more...]