This Woman’s #PinkPill Testimonial Will Break Your Heart…


Pink Pill has so many positive reviews and it’s so heartening! But sometimes, the experiences are so deep, so moving, that they deserve a special place. Here is one that makes all the effort worth it.

I just wanted to say thank so much and to share my testimony.
I grew up not knowing my father. I was never taught self value at all, let alone etiquette. When I turned 18, I ventured off into the world by myself not knowing what I was getting myself into. Even though I was smart enough to keep up with my grades. I managed to attend one of the best schools in the Nation. However, while attending an IVY League high school I learned very quickly that I was not of value. I didn’t know at the age of 16 that the world was such a hateful place…I didn’t know that racism and colorism existed. I became obsessed with trying to learn our culture, slavery and trying to understand and fit in the pieces of my life that I was never taught due to the lack of my father’s absence; that I started to get sucked into a toxic relationship.
I ended up dating a black man part of a cult like group. Even tho some of the knowlege that they were telling me held some form of truth about society and our state in America, I slowly started to noticed the exploitation of the women. When I turned 23, I began to question their motives. It was black male dominated with men trying to tell me and other women like me that Black women was the source of slavery and the reason for the Black Men’s failure as a whole. I actually started to believe this crap. I became depressed, started to think that I was the reason for black men’s failures, i started to gained weight from the steps. These people tried to groom me from age 18-24 years old. All of this started to become toxic.
Later, I found out my black boyfriend in the group was messing around with my best friend. And they both tried to convince me that polygamy was the only way. It was atrocious. But somehow I was so messed up that I still stayed. We broke up last year. my ex left me and told me that I need to get pychatric help because I am continuing this “Black Women Curse Syndrome”. I went through a depressing stage a t this point….he took my dog, the house, and his friends shun me out. I looked it and my friend were gone, all the family I didn’t talk to where not there. All because I started to wake up and see that Black women was not the source of the problem but men feeding off of the energy. I was with him from ages 18-25 years old. He dropped me like I never existed right when I found out that my grandmother was dying from cancer. I finally moved back to my mom’s house and a stumbled across your page. I instantly bought your PINK PILL course and stay up all night reading. I’m so glad I did. I am now at the point of recovery. I’m 26 years old and I really do feel like a refugee.
I’m learning now that I need to recover before I ever consider broadening my horizon in the dating pool. You are right. Narrowing my dating chance came out to be extremely toxic. I did it for the cause of the culture. But I know there are hundreds of other girl out there who are just like me where some weiro jerk is waiting to use this new age knowlege on a vulnerable 18 year old tenneager. And I just pray that the number are decreasing. With the expolations of racism on the high, I now starting to see how some black men are using it to their advantage to create the New AGE PIMP persona. There is good and bad people in every race. I am now in the process of finding a theapist , learning self love and etiquette and getting back close with my family. I just want to say thank you for this. I hope you message get out to more women who are suffering from this type of oppression from men.
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