Pink Pill Get MAJOR Feature on Eurweb!

Pink Pill is officially a thing. Check out the major feature article on Eurweb.com. 

*Christelyn Karazin is not a medical doctor, but that doesn’t prevent her from prescribing “The Pink Pill” exclusively for black women in search of class and proper etiquette to navigate in high-class social circles.  Karazin’s prescribed pink pill is administered through a series of unique online learning modules, all created by Karazin to teach and empower what she calls the softer skills for black women.

“I teach secrets,” said Karazin, “that help black women who are looking in from the outside, because no one ever told them or taught them that the softer skills are just as important – or are more important than the harder skills we’re taught just to survive.”

According to Karazin, who recently became a columnist for EURweb, The Pink Pill modules cover topics such as the importance of etiquette, what is class and decorum, how to gracefully deal with conflict, how to attract the highest quality of men in social circles, and other topics.  She adds there are things that every black woman must know and use to be successful in elite social circles, some things as basic as knowing which fork to use during a formal dinner, or how to properly select fine wine at a five star restaurant.

“When people don’t understand certain rules and protocols they continue to make mistakes,” said Karazin.  “Then some black women wonder why they can’t seem to meet high quality men and other people.  Lots of times there’s no one to tell them as black women.”

As co-author of “Swirling: How to Date, Mate and Relate Mixing Race, Culture & Creed,” some people view Karazin’s philosophy and online courses as a platform for how black women can meet, date/marry successful white men.  Not so, said Karazin, although her husband is white.

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