Man Candy Monday/Tuesday: “Kilt” With Kindness

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I hope you all are enjoying the warm weather we're having. Me, I'm out and about keeping my eyes open for candy and potential new dates, and mates. … [Read more...]

QOTW: “Should I Move to More Interracial Relationship-Friendly Pastures?”


People move for jobs all the time. But what about packing your bags for the chance at … [Read more...]

Open Thread: Hotep-Dude’s Idea of a Legit Harem….You Know, for ‘Black Unity’

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This photo and subsequent caption came along my Facebook feed, and not the first time--I've seen lots of propaganda of late advocating polygyny--or, … [Read more...]

It’s Here! Author Tiana Laveen’s New “Saint and Sinners” Book is Live!


The sexy tale continues with Tiana Laveen's latest, Saint and Sinners! This book can be read as a stand-alone; however, the reader is at a … [Read more...]

Lupita Graces Her First Lancome Ad… Take a Look!

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I' m buying what Lupita is selling and I don't even wear make-up, but I'll make an exception. Lancôme's Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundation is one of the … [Read more...]

Man Candy Monday: Men in Uniform to Service You

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I know, I know, I know. You wanted a Man Candy bag filled to the brim with MEN IN UNIFORM, and after much toiling and investigating I'm pleased to … [Read more...]

Valid Excuse? Why You’re Not Seeing a New Post Today…


Well...most of you know I'm the mom of four children. An AMBITIOUS mom for four children. I decided that on the 11th birthday of my middle-ton, Chloe, … [Read more...]

Black American Matriarch Set Roots In New Zealand


Elizabeth Cabell American slavery left an unwitting legacy on most of us descended from Africans. The sad thing is that most of us don’t know our … [Read more...]

The Evolution of a Swirler: One Guy Tells His Story


We often ponder over the idea of preference, but it's rare that we get a personal story from a man's perspective. What is more interesting is that … [Read more...]

Man Candy Monday: The Asian Mystery Man


This photo has been making it's way up and down my timeline and I can't help it. I need to know who this guy is, he's gorgeous and so is the younger … [Read more...]