Valid Excuse? Why You’re Not Seeing a New Post Today…

Well...most of you know I'm the mom of four children. An AMBITIOUS mom for four children. I decided that on the 11th birthday of my middle-ton, Chloe, … [Read more...]


Black American Matriarch Set Roots In New Zealand

Elizabeth Cabell American slavery left an unwitting legacy on most of us descended from Africans. The sad thing is that most of us don’t know our … [Read more...]


The Evolution of a Swirler: One Guy Tells His Story

We often ponder over the idea of preference, but it's rare that we get a personal story from a man's perspective. What is more interesting is that … [Read more...]


Man Candy Monday: The Asian Mystery Man

This photo has been making it's way up and down my timeline and I can't help it. I need to know who this guy is, he's gorgeous and so is the younger … [Read more...]


The New and Improved. BB&W Open thread

Today is Father's Day tell us something nice about your old man.   … [Read more...]


R.I.P. Ruby Dee: Ossie Is Waiting for His Lady on The Other Side

The world is mourning the departure of yet another of our brightest stars. Actress, activist, and author Ruby Dee has died of natural causes at the … [Read more...]


Tichina Arnold is Not Here for DBR Men and Their Interweb Bull*hit

"Spare the rod. Spoil the child" is what the old folks say about teaching a youngin' about the circumstances and repercussions of one's actions . … [Read more...]

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Man Candy Monday: Enough to Share, Sexy Twins For You and a Friend

You ever been somewhere and seen a hot guy? Then as you gaze another hot guy shows up, and then you do a double take as you realize the hot guys are … [Read more...]


Have You Checked Out Sienna Mynx’s Top-Rated Book, “Before Sunrise?” Here’s a Chance to Win One!

Over the next few months you'll notice that BB&W will become a central hub for reviews, profiles, and giveaways of interracial fiction featuring … [Read more...]

Stop signs

Coming Down from the Mount: Lay Off the Mods!

I have sat by too long observing the anti-moderator sentiments, snide comments and outright contempt for the folks who help keep this site clean and … [Read more...]

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Lavern Cox Graces the Cover of TIME Magazine: Speaks on Race, Gender and Violence

There is no question that Lavern Cox is setting the world on fire. This African American beauty is one of the break away stars of Orange is the New … [Read more...]

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Man Candy Monday: Sexy Men Doing Yoga

I must admit, I like a man that is in tune with his body. Athletes and health conscious individuals are more than likely to have what I desire, … [Read more...]

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RIP Maya Angelou: A Phenomenal Woman Has Left the Building

Famed poet, activist, and author Maya Angelou has died at the age of 86. We send her family, friends and the literary community our heartfelt … [Read more...]