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Author Spotlight

Doctor Board: Book Interview with Author Adaure Chi

Adaure Chi reaches out to us in order to promote her book, Doctor Board. She is an OG follower of the blog, and has been reading Christelyn’s content since 2011. She has worked hard to produce this book, and would like to introduce this piece to our audience. I hope you enjoy this interview! 


You mentioned that you started following the blog back in 2011. What drew you to Christelyn’s content?

I had been rolling around the BWE (Black Women Empowerment) blogosphere for about 4 years at that point and I was keen to read any posts that focussed on the topic. When I heard there was a new site that I had yet to explore, I hurried on over and got stuck in.

What inspired you to start writing?

I have been a keen reader ever since I learned how to do so. I read every genre you can think of. However, it was after I finished the Harry Potter Series that I first thought, ‘Wow, I would love to create something like that!’. I’m still working on it!


Why did you decide to write about romantic relationships between black women and men of other races?

I think we can all agree that there is a dearth of literature out there featuring black women in ‘normal’ day to day situations, romances etc. As someone who reads a lot, it didn’t take me long to become extremely frustrated about that. I decided that if I wanted it so badly, then I’d better do it myself instead of waiting for someone else to satisfy that need for me.

Have you always been interested in interracial dating, either personally or for research? 

I grew up in Nigeria, so interracial dating wasn’t on my radar then. However, I did observe a lot of women in unsatisfactory situations and I developed a need to see black women in happier circumstances. When I moved to the UK at 16, my social observations now encompassed black women in a multicultural environment and I noted how many options were out there. We have to make the best choice for ourselves and our future. The fact that many didn’t seem to be doing so, drove me online to find if there were any women out there who thought the same way I did and could elucidate and articulate it better than my 24-year-old self could. I was so happy when I found BWE!

What do you think is at the heart of your work? Why promote black women in romantic novels? 

My work centres on black women living lives of their choosing. I focus on women with ambition who determine to see them through while continuing to being the charismatic, attractive people that they are. And if they meet a special someone and things blossoms into romance, then that’s just the icing on an already enjoyable cake. 


How does your work distinguish itself from other novels out there?

It is focused on the black woman herself, with the romance (if it occurs), being a happy coincidence.


Do you have any tips for our readers?

Do not let anyone tell you that it is selfish to put yourself first!

Are you working on any other projects?

Yes, I am working on two other women’s fiction novels and a young adult fantasy novel too.


Where can people see more of you or your work?

You can find me on my Facebook pageI am working on a website at present for when my other works are published.


What part of this book are you most proud of?

I am proud of the whole thing! As my first completed work, it is very precious to me. However, if I had to pick, it would be my exploration of my main character’s relationship with her parents.


Do you draw from your personal experiences in this book?

Yes. As a doctor myself, I drew a lot from my medical knowledge. I’d also been on a cruise and that helped with the setting of the story. Otherwise, like lots of other writers, you have experiences and you think, ‘Hm, how would I have acted if…?’, or ‘If this same thing happened to someone else, how would they have handled it?’. That gives you a whole lot of new scenarios to play with that are quite interesting and fun.


Do you include bits of your culture in this work?

Yes, I do in a few places.


What is your proudest moment with this book?

That it was my first book I took to completion.


Without giving away any details, would you share your favourite scene and/or character?

My favourite character is an older lady that befriends the love interest and takes it upon herself to see him paired up!


That’s all for this interview. I hope that you enjoyed this feature. To read a copy of Adaure’s first book, please visit the link on Amazon UK, Amazon AU or Amazon US. I would love to hear your thoughts on this interview in the comments below. If you have a similar book that could speak to our audience, I would love to interview you. Please let me know in the comments, contact Christelyn or me at [email protected].


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