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Kym and Nick: He Saw Her From Afar, Part 1

Kym was another beautiful lady who responded to my interview request for couples spotlights. I really loved this interview. I hope you enjoy hearing her story!


What are your names?

I am Kym and my husband is Nick. 


We have a lot of readers over 50. If you are in that category, and met your match as a more seasoned dater, please share how you met your match. 

We are 44 and 50. We met on an online dating app. He saw my profile and realized I lived 90 miles away, so his first message to me was, “Why, why, why so far away!” He made me laugh, so I responded. We have been laughing together for the last 5 years. 


What are your cultural/ethnic backgrounds?

I’m American black and my husband is a second-generation Italian.

How did you meet?

 It was my first time online dating, so we talked for a month before we actually met. Once we finally did meet, it was like reconnecting with an old friend. Nick was very charming. 


As I said, Nick is Italian, and I’m black, but we didn’t face many challenges. Nick has been dating black women for 20 years. He was extremely familiar with hair care, hyperpigmentation scars, stretch marks etc. So there were no challenge as far as ethnicity goes.


Did either of you find the dating process challenging?

Neither of us found dating to be challenging. We both knew exactly what we wanted so it was easy to weed out the mismatches. 


Given the current political climate, was dating interracially challenging? Did you find that your political leanings were a barrier at all? 

We respect each other’s political beliefs. We have always been able to agree to disagree and walk away from heated conversations regarding politics.


For the lady, do you feel that your skin tone made it challenging to date as a whole? If so, how did you overcome that?

I have never felt like my skin tone was a challenge when dating outside my race. In fact it is my belief that my confidence in my skin attracts people. 


Where are you now in your relationship?

We are now married with three beautiful children, and looking forward to early retirement so that we can catch up on all of the years we have  missed together!

We are eager to make up for the lost time of our youth, and are currently our get away to a warmer climate. We are looking forward to marriages and grandkids someday. 


When did you know it was going somewhere?

I knew it was going somewhere from the first time I talked to him. I confirmed it the first time we met!


If you live in the United States, what state or region do you live in? 

We are from Pennsylvania.


Do you feel that your location is really welcoming of interracial couples?

Yes, I think that where we live is progressive with acceptance of interracial dating.


What is the best thing that you like about each other?

Nick: I like how Kym genuinely cares about other people. She’s just a very caring and loving woman. She always puts others before herself.


Kym: I could say the exact same thing! However, I would add that Nick is extremely protective of his family. I know he will always have my back. Also, he is selfless to the point of neglecting himself. I love him for that. 


What is the best part about being together?

The best part about being together is that we enjoy the same things. We do fun outings when we can or just do nothing at all. We like each other’s company. We laugh A LOT! We support each other’s dreams and ideas.we can really talk to each other. Like in depth conversations. 


What is your favourite shared memory?

Our favourite shared memories were definitely our first kiss and our wedding. 


That’s all for this article – part two will be available soon. Thank you so much for following this story. We are always looking to feature new couples and share their experiences.

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