Question of the Week: Which ‘Asian’ Culture is More Down with The Swirl?

I'm sure Asian people get pretty huffy when us ignorant Americans lump them all together. Especially since "Asian" is a blanket term for (and this is … [Read more...]

Wow, you're SUCH and man, punching a girl.

My ANGRY RANT!! The Inevitable “Black” Lash: Avoiding Confrontations from Angry Onlookers

There has been much mumblings, grumblings and warnings on various BWE blogs like What About Our Daughters and Sojourner's Passport about how women … [Read more...]


Question of the Week: Was Sex ‘Different’ With a Rainbow Man?

This REALLY isn't anyone's question in particular, just mine. I still remember the first time with my husband--I was nervous, exhilarated, and the … [Read more...]

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The Black Women’s ‘Blacklash’: Why SO MANY hating on my marriage?

It's startling really. Since starting the No Wedding No Womb campaign and the mission site,, I have received more tacky, … [Read more...]

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What If He Won’t Go To The ‘Hallelujah’ Church??

I know some of you all think I embellish the truth just a tad for dramatic effect, but the following event happened TODAY just like I'm telling … [Read more...]

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My Madame Noire Column: The Best (And Worst) Places to Swirl in the U.S.

See the full article here: Interracial dating has gotten easier over the decades, and MOST places you go with your rainbow partner … [Read more...]


More Juicy Stuff from Globetrotting Black Chicks:Oneika Raymond on Travelling While Black

By Oneika Raymond I’ve always had a passion for travel. The thought of jetting off to a faraway land, with its foreign language, culture, and … [Read more...]

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Fess Up! What’s the REAL Reason You Decided to Date a Rainbow?

I never buy generic cereal. If posed with a choice of Fruity Pebbles or some knockoff like Fruit Gravel, I pick the original every time. Yes, I know … [Read more...]

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Video: Has This Ever Happened to You?

In addition to refreshing my knowledge of high-school bitchology, I'm preparing for my coloracism series for Madame Noire--the online magazine that's … [Read more...]


Know A Coloracist?

My mom is a victim of it. I am too. Mom, who is a deep chocolate brown, will NOT go outside on a hot sunny day without a hat. Or long sleeves. … [Read more...]


We’re in this together: Is dating another minority just…easier?

I've got to be straight with you. Before I married my husband I dated mostly black guys. MOSTLY, but on a couple occasions early on--first in middle … [Read more...]

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Man Shortage? Pffft! Go Where Black Is Like Being a Blond.

If you thought you were going to get something fresh today, you thought right, but I didn't write this one for you, exactly. It's from my weekly … [Read more...]

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Question of the Week: I Want What She’s Having. Where Can I Order One?!

Eh. That picture hasn't much to do with the Question of the Week, but that couple gets my pressure up. HEY! Stop day-dreaming before I wash your … [Read more...]