Question of the Week: “I’m almost 30; I Don’t Want to Date Potential!”

black women

I just HAD to post this question in it's entirety--it's a bit long, but I don't care! SHE is why I write this blog everyday. SHE is why I'm writing … [Read more...]

Ever Lost a Friend Because of Your Rainbeau?

minority mixed couple

Some "friends" are funny. Funny, because they REALLY like you when you're miserable, lonely, gained weight, are pregnant by Ray Ray or Tyrone, on … [Read more...]

Are You a Sh-Alpha? No Wonder He Didn’t Call You Back.


I don't mean to rub it in, but I'm soooooo glad I'm married. No longer do I fret over when or how many times I can call (or nowadays, text), or stand … [Read more...]

Lil Wayne is a BIG Pain: the dung that is rap music and the unbridled coloracism it breeds


Somebody left the cage open, fed him after midnight, threw him in a pool. The miscreant, the walking, talking pile of horse shite that is Lil Wayne … [Read more...]

Madame Noire’s LaShaun Williams Poses a Prickly–Interracial Dating with Non-mixed Kids

Interracial Couple LW

Remember LaShaun Williams? She wrote the Madame Noire article folks went ape crazy on Twitter, Facebook, and radio stations across the country--"8 … [Read more...]

Three Rain-beaus Fess Up on What Makes Black Women So Beautiful to Them

vic olive

This post is not about feeding into our vanity. Okay; maybe it is a little. But it's more like a finger in the eye of the people who will swear all … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: Who’s an Interracial Gawker?


I don't know what it is, but since I got married in 2002, I've seen more and more interracial couples that look like me and mine. It's sort of like … [Read more...]

Atlanta: The Official (Un)Official WORST place for Rain-beau Dating.


Pfffft! "Black Man's Mecca." More like, "Black Man's Hecka." Double PFFFFFFFFFFFFTT!! I sort of thought this way a few years back when the … [Read more...]

What’s the Upside of ‘Being Down?’

seventies couple

So I'm reading a memoir about a young girl who recalls her upbringing in a broken home. But before it was broke, her mom worked all day while her … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: Can You Watch “Roots” With Your Rain-beau Without Giving Him the STANK Eye?

Authentic ancient prisoner ball and chain

Imagine sitting on the couch in your leopard Snuggy with your rain-beau, fire burning...maybe some other stuff burning too...but just before you tell … [Read more...]

10 Questions You’d Better Ask Your Rain-beau Man Before…

guy with micoscope

Instead of the typical "Question of the Week," I thought this might be a fun exercise, mainly because it's part of my book research and you are my lab … [Read more...]