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Hunky Valentino Gives Us Wine 101

After the couple of days of e-battling over No Wedding, No Womb, your blog host needs a break. Those ‘defenders of foolishness’ are going to drive me right down a Merlot bottle. But before my sloppy decent into becoming a reeking wino on Skid Row, I thought I’d learn a few things from the VERY tall, handsome and sliver-tongued Tommy Valentino.

Valentino is an event planner, proud father ( he is taking care of his son all by himself, kudos to him stepping up!), lover of beautiful black women, and expert on all things wine.

Learning wine etiquette comes in handy when you venture into rainbow man dating. Take a trip to a local winery for a tasting (alone, or maybe with a non-black girlfriend), and you just might bond with a rainbow dude over a Cabernet. And since both of you are drinking ‘liquid courage,’ you might relax a bit and let some magic happen. But not TOO MUCH magic!–don’t let me catch you in bed with him the next day with your hair disheveled and those little swirly things on your boobs like strippers used to wear back in the day!

Now, that I’ve set the ground rules, I will unleash Valentino upon you. Try not to gush and throw your panties at the computer screen. That’s just tacky.

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