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Why Do [Some] Black Folks Treat the Truth Like a Communicable Disease?

I’ll be the first to admit that I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about football. But when I heard how an excuse-making cadre of black people (along with a gaggle of white limousine liberals) were piling on a particular football coach because he had the GALL to say he preferred recruiting players from two-parent homes because…well–and I’m summarizing–they tend to LISTEN and TAKE AUTHORITY, and generally tend not to be feral, I, as the official NO WEDDING, NO WOMB poster-child, had to opine.

You’d swear that man opened his mouth and farted. Well, get ready folks, because I just had Mexican!

I won’t get into all the stats and stuff. Know why? Apparently statistics and all that edumacative stuff is irrelevant. I got into a Twitter dual over this crap, and well…let’s just say that I am amazed and thoroughly frightened that so many black people have thrown up their hands and said “fu%@ marriage; it’s for white people anyway!”

Meanwhile, jails are bulging with fatherless men and women, crime and gang rates are through the roof in the inner city, rappers keep burping out plaintive dribble about how hard life was without “they daddy,” and STILL heads remain inserted firmly in their owner’s anuses. Tell me, isn’t all that stink starting to bother ANYBODY?! DAMN!!

Don’t ask me who it is, but I got some INSIDE information about this sit-cha-a-shun with the Michigan coach. Some people say he is trying to make excuses for losing games. BUT! Here’s another communicable truth that scare [some] black folks like ‘the herpes’:

"So Al, what say you about the shameful OOW stats in the BC?" No comment? Figures.

…and I DARE a black pseudo-leader, pro-black news site, CNN, or BET, anybody except Fox News to acknowledge this (in fact, I invite anyone reading this to forward this post to one of their sorry arses):

Now, I’m not 100% privy to what’s going on at Eastern Michigan, but it is one of the schools in the state that rarely has had a good football/basketball program and usually resorts to taking some guys with questionable backgrounds in order to win. And often, that hasn’t worked either — there’s been a LOT of attrition in that football program long before English got there.

I’m sure English has and will continue to recruit players from single-parent homes. But what he’s probably seen a lot is the mothers who didn’t do their jobs in terms of discipline and good parenting and expected little Ray Ray to get a football scholarship and then the coach could deal with him. Some coaches have (and continue) to play the “I want to save poor black kids,” role, but when the parents (and it’s usually parent) expects the coach to provide the discipline that the kid never got at home, I can see why a coach would throw up his hands.

Eastern Michigan gets a LOT of these types of kids, and I bet that’s why they were win-less last season.

He never said that he would deny a scholarship to a kid from a single-parent home, and I’m sure he would have offered one to someone like my father (who was of great character, played football back in the day and was raised without his father). But if my grandma had been one of those, “Please save my little Tyrone,” types, English would have walked on by.

Also, football scholarships have never been about democracy — he could offer them or not offer them for whatever reason he wants. Any coach can… no player is entitled to an athletic scholarship. I know plenty of coaches who refuse to give out scholarships to very talented athletes because of “character issues.”

By the way, my source checked English’s roster, and he DOES have players borne of single moms, so why is the black-folks-excuse cadre so mad? The truth hurts like a cold sore I guess.

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