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“White Men Best Natural Allies in Battle to Counter Negative Misconceptions of Black Women,” Says Oakland Rainbeau

You might remember the video I posted last week featuring the unseen white guy who commented at a SWIRLING event Janice and I attended hosted by Meet … [Read more...]


Have the Publicists for the Recent Slavery-themed Films Begun To Respond to the Complaints?

If you speak loud enough people are sure to hear you, even if they don't respond. Or, instead of one person speaking loudly to voice a complaint, you … [Read more...]

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Yes Ma’am! Sophia Angeli Nelson Adding to “Election Decompression” Line Up!

I have some AMAZING news! My buddy and person I want to be when I grow up, Sophia Angeli Nelson, political pundit and kick-arse writer of Black Woman … [Read more...]


Attention Bay Area Swirlers! A MeetUp Group You Should Definitely Join!

I keep telling all of you who seek the online/offline hybrid, you NEED to join a local interracial dating group in your area. If there … [Read more...]


San Francisco “Swirling” and My One Night as a Halfbreed Model

Yesterday's event at 111 Minna Gallery was a blast. The comedians were hilarious, we have a nice crowd, and finally met up with San Francisco … [Read more...]


“Election Decompression!!” BB&W Washington D.C., Blog Party!!

After this election, I think we're going to all need a break. Join me and the folks at IDSocialConnect for some “election decompression” at Tonic … [Read more...]


Fresh Press: Red States Top List for Online Daters Looking for Interracial Love

As per usual, the 2012 election heats up to a frenzy as the country is divided between red and blue states, conservative and liberal. But the personal … [Read more...]


“SWIRLING” Goes to Oak-Town, Making the MeetUp Group Rounds…

Attention Bay Area BB&W Crew Guys and Gals! Here's the deets on an event Janice and I are having. Don't judge me--it's in press release form … [Read more...]

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LMU Book Signing Full of Young, Black Women and Fathers Concerned for Their Daughters

Last night Janice and I did a book signing at our alma mater, Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles (go Lions!!). We packed the house and sold out … [Read more...]

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BB&W and SWIRLING Comes to San Francisco October 13!!

I'm finally hearing that San Francisco has began their five minutes of summer this month, which is a nice change because when I was ACTUALLY THERE IN … [Read more...]


Rainbeau Spots a Girl Who’s Never Swirled, Too Shy To Speak Up But…

Remember Josh, the shy guy I mentioned on my Atlanta recap post yesterday would spotted a gorgeous girl who came to our event who never dated … [Read more...]

Me and Natasha cheesing it up for Instagram

Atlanta Recap, In Pit-chas!

My Atlanta trip was probably one of the BEST, was THE BEST trip on the SWIRLING book tour thus far. I got to go to the CNN center NOT as a … [Read more...]

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Me, “Swirling” and BB&W on CNN’s HLN Weekend Express. UPDATE: I Taped It!

  Yesterday was awesome-sauce. Atlanta was a success all around, and "SWIRLING" to CNN by storm. It was cool that host, Natasha Curry, a … [Read more...]