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Today is Cyber Monday. Buy SWIRLING for Yourself or for a Friend!

Yes; this is a shameless plug. But it you can’t be shameless in your own house, where then, can you?

While you’re out and about, or rather, in and hovered over the computer screen, saunter over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and pick up a copy (or five) of SWIRLING for yourself and for your gaggle of chronically-single friends. Remember, SWIRLING isn’t just for women–tons and TONS of men have read it and love it. SWIRLING is available in hard copy and e-book version. You can also send SWIRLING as a gift in both formats. It’s also available on iTunes.

Studies show that depression is at it’s peak during the holidays. Many people are lonely because they don’t have anyone special. SWIRLING might be just the thing to galvanize such a lonely soul to go out and find their Mr. or Mrs. Right. Therefore, SWIRLING is a cure for holiday depression.

“What’s this, Helen, a cure to my chronic depression? THANK YOU!!”

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