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Twenty Six Year Old Southern Guy Takes On Swirling in the South, Starts Blog

OMG he’s adorable.

Ah…the bathroom pic. I normally hate these, but he’s so scrum-delish I’ll let it slide.

He calls himself, “YoungTeach” because yes, at 26, he’s young, and works as a music teacher to a predominately African American student body in Southaven, Mississippi . He’s a newbie to interracial dating, and apparently read SWIRLING in two days. I love him already. Here’s what he wrote me yesterday:

I just received your message on my blog.  I must say, I’m flattered that you would contact me regardless of the situation.  I bought a digital copy of Swirling and read it in two days.  This was after spending hours on your blog, devouring as much as I could.  You, personally, have shaped much of my (albeit brand-new) outlook on the world of interracial dating; and, on the subject of black women in particular.  In fact, it was you who inspired me to start my own blog!  🙂


Okay he’s in the will! I can not tell you how unbelievably fulfilling it is to know that you produced something that changes the course of someone’s life–even if it’s just their love life. It’s awesome sauce to the nth degree.

Here’s more about him. Single ladies, (especially our BB&W Staff) take some notes!

Well, I’m new to swirling, so I can’t provide a whole lot of insight just yet, but I can say that it’s interesting!  I’ve only gone on one “date,” technically.  It seems like the women I’ve spoken to are really interested right off the bat, and then cool off really quickly.  I’m not certain about the reasoning, just yet.  I think women are reluctant to start something that could potentially turn serious, as relates to interracial dating.  The first girl I met, and had a date with, I think was just interested in sex but wasn’t ready to admit that.  The second one was really interested one day, and then disappeared the next.  She was also twenty-two and looking to move soon, so she seemed to me to be a commitment-phobe.  I met another but we just spoke a bit, I gave her my number and haven’t heard from her since.

I’ve read that black women are reluctant to date white guys for many reasons, and I feel like those reasons are probably exacerbated by the complex racial climate in the South.  I’m actually getting just as much enjoyment out of discovering the subtleties and truths of interracial dating down here, as I am from the actual dating process!

All in all, I’m hopeful for myself and my future relationships but blogging is proving to be a fantastic outlet for my thoughts, which can get a bit disorganized and unreliable as far as positive information flow is concerned.

I’m open to any advice you may have, though I will certainly continue to be a BB&W reader.

Side note: The girls you work with are beautiful, and present such an intellectually unabashed front.  I can imagine that if there were a central office where everyone worked in close proximity, that would be a place I would enjoy to be in!

So check “YoungTeach” out before some southern belle snatches him up! Shout out to Brenda55 for bringing this cutie to my attention!


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