Attention Bay Area Swirlers! A MeetUp Group You Should Definitely Join!

I keep telling all of you who seek the online/offline hybrid, you NEED to join a local interracial dating group in your area. If there isn’t one, start one! That’s what Jena, the organizer of “Sisters with White Misters” did. I’ll admit I giggled a bit about the name, but everything about this group is top notch. We had an absolutely perfect event at Kincaid’s Bayhouse Oakland (the mussels are great, BTW). What struck me was the QUALITY MEN that were at the group–such gentlemen, established careers, varied in age for just a few years out of college to 50-ish, and handsome (feed your eyes on the slideshow). It was great seeing my online sis, Jenee Darden (aka Miss Cocoafly), who was absolutely FAB as a moderator.

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