San Francisco “Swirling” and My One Night as a Halfbreed Model

Yesterday’s event at 111 Minna Gallery was a blast. The comedians were hilarious, we have a nice crowd, and finally met up with San Francisco sensation, Dee Dee Russell…


And the crowd…all I can say is there is truly no place on the planet like San Francisco–which is why is topped the list in Swirling as some of the most swirl-friendly cities in America. You can truly just BE who you ARE, and LOVE who you LOVE with absolutely no judgement for anyone. San Francisco for black women is more like what I hear some places of Europe or Canada, where the color of someone’s skin as a determinate in a relationship is about as irrelevant as Stacy Dash’s endorsement of Mitt Romney.

We had a great, ecclectic crowd with some cuties…especially Micha, the guys Janice had her eye on…

That’s Micha in the plaid.

Like I said, the comedians were funny!

Janice lends her lips to her new fan!

And let me take a brief moment to thank our sponsor, for footing the bills…

But honestly the most fun I had was pretending to be “the tough girl” as a Halfbreed model.The founder, Rudy Tabasa, has a knack with the camera.

Gotta love the bros that give support! Mr. Afro-Cuban bought a copy…

Yours Truly cheesing with HalfBreed Founder and photographer, Rudy Tabasa. Down girls–he’s married with kids!


Thanks, Rudy!

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Just found out my idol and friend, Sophia Angeli Nelson, author of Black Woman Redefined is going to be joining us for some post-election decompression and a lively debate about love relationships and political philosophy.  Click here are the details.

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