Time to Address All this “Men Are Men” and “The Myth of the White Knight” Memes


Several of you ladies have sent me links to a few trending stories about how "mystified" some black women bloggers are about all the "hoopla" … [Read more...]

Video: A Sneak Peak of Club M at The Grand Del Mar!

Screen shot 2012-07-08 at 12.22.59 PM

This is by far our most amazing event to date. Ritzy location, upscale clientele, a chance to meet that someone special. What more could you ask for? … [Read more...]

Custom-Made SWIRLING Earrings!


Got to love Twitter. It's mostly inane, but sometimes you can hook up with some great folks, like jewelry artist, Carlea Jones of Lycelle Marie … [Read more...]

“Swirling” Made it in theGrio’s Top Summer Reading Picks!

Book Club Girls

Here's what theGrio has to say about "Swirling" It seems there are guides for everything these days. Thinking of mixing it up this summer, but don’t … [Read more...]

When Family Openly Scoffs Your Interracial Relationship

family shot for AP

It's my last day in San Francisco, and I have yet to got back to my family's home. The schedules haven't meshed, but I wonder if some part of me … [Read more...]

Black Women Need to Start “Swirling Into Reality” Says Kola Boof

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“Swirl Into Reality” By Kola Boof “Swirling”—a social term that refers to the recent interracial dating boom in America is now a crucially important … [Read more...]

Calling All BB&W Los Angeles Folks: Come See Me & Janice Talk SWIRLING at the Leimert Park Book Festival!!

Leimert Park Book Fair Authors Reception

This is my first time attending the Leimert Park Book Festival, but this is a big deal. I'm pinching myself that Janice and I will be part of the … [Read more...]

AWESOME SAUCE! “Awkward Black Girl” Star, Sujata Day Joins Us for the SWIRLING San Diego Bash!!

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You probably know her as "J's" best-buddy, "CeCe," who's always giving J "awkward" interracial dating advice. The beautiful and HI-LAR-IOUS Sujata Day … [Read more...]

A Response to “Do You Want to Date a White Guy…?” Article


What follows is a response to an article titled, "Do You Want to Date a White Guy or a Guy Who Just Happens to be White?"   A while back a … [Read more...]

Young Black Girls and the Future of Swirling

dark skinned young girls

By Bobbie Genus While visiting my family the last time I was in my hometown of Houston for the holidays I entered my twelve-year-old niece’s … [Read more...]

IRR Book Excerpt: “Dirty Secrets”

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Interracial romances are the hot thing to download of Kindle these days.  I have a hunch it's because some folks like to read about other folks … [Read more...]