Some Real Talk on ‘Swirling’: Concerted Efforts to Kill My Soul.


I always come to BB&W with my woes, because like many, this is a safe place. I can share my hopes, my joys and sorrows, and I know I have a gaggle of … [Read more...]

Video: Check Out Where Our Next ‘Swirling’ Social Will Be?

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For just $20, you'll get --exclusive vineyard tour of Europa Village, and take in the spectacular 360-degree views of Temecula Valley wine … [Read more...]

Because it’s AWESOMESAUCE!! Our Official Statement About ‘Swirling’ the Movie!!


  STATE STREET PICTURES IS READY TO ‘SWIRL’ Producers behind the hit film, “Soul Food,” and successful “Barber Shop” and “Beauty … [Read more...]

Swirling Big Bash and Comic-Con in Pictures…


...Because I'm just too pooped to write. Good times, though. … [Read more...]

Off to Comic-Con and the “Swirling” Big Bash at The Grand Del Mar!


Well ladies, I hope you'll be able to hold down the fort without me, because I am going to do something that's either completely insane or insanely … [Read more...]

“Swirling” Review By a GASP!! Black Man!!


I'm a little neurotic about checking the Amazon rankings for SWIRLING, mainly because most writers are EXTREMELY neurotic. But I just so happened to … [Read more...]

Hey BB&W–Meet Me in Brooklyn!

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The deets:   My pals Alex Barnett and Abiola Abrams will be on the discussion panel.  You can RSVP here. Brenda and Karla, note the … [Read more...]

Time to Address All this “Men Are Men” and “The Myth of the White Knight” Memes


Several of you ladies have sent me links to a few trending stories about how "mystified" some black women bloggers are about all the "hoopla" … [Read more...]

Video: A Sneak Peak of Club M at The Grand Del Mar!

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This is by far our most amazing event to date. Ritzy location, upscale clientele, a chance to meet that someone special. What more could you ask for? … [Read more...]

Custom-Made SWIRLING Earrings!


Got to love Twitter. It's mostly inane, but sometimes you can hook up with some great folks, like jewelry artist, Carlea Jones of Lycelle Marie … [Read more...]