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(Pre) Loving Day Celebration: “Swirling” Book Giveaway!

For many of us on this blog, the Loving Day, the anniversary of the 1967 ruling that legally sanctioned Richard and Mildred Loving’s marriage like a swirling Independence Day. Except the fire works are happening in the bedroom and people of all races, cultures and creeds are free to love, procreate and grow old together with all the rights and privileges under the law.

It’s always easier to take the easy route and date who you’re “supposed” to, love whom society has deemed acceptable. Who wants to be stared and gawked at? Who likes furtive glares and whispers? Following your heart is mostly never easy. But when I think about what Richard and Mildred went through so their marriage before GOD could be legitimized BY MAN, I think how easy we all have it now.

But while this ruling is approaching the half-century mark, some folks are still so mired in racism, prejudice, stereotypes, fear, and fear-mongering that many people who may desire to cross racial lines and choose character above color still feel those invisible shackles holding them back. So thanks to a secret BB&W benefactor, I am able to give away three copies of “Swirling: How to Date, Mate, and Relate, Mixing Race, Culture and Creed.” Each of the three will have a signed, personalized message from me.

But hold on–this offer isn’t for the BB&W Crew. I mean, does a choir need free bibles?? What I need for all of you to do is think about a certain someone in your life who has limited their relationship options because they fear the “interracial unknown,” tell me the story, and I’ll get them a copy of Swirling.

The limit is three, and the offer is open until the end of the week, June 16, 2012.

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