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“Swirling” Isn’t Just for the Ladies: Guys are Loving It Too!

When Janice and I started writing SWIRLING, we basically had black women in mind, and the relationship dynamics interracial and intercultural relationships. I was expecting a lot of women to buy it, but what I was pleasantly surprised about was the amount of menz, who are reading and enjoying the book. Many of the rainbeaus tell me reading SWIRLING is like being let in on a secret, and many of them go with a new-found understand about what the black women they seek relationships with often go through. Here’s one review from former “Hottie of the Week,” Joe Wheeler:

Had dinner with my buddy, Jordan Harbinger, co-founder of The Art of Charm, and he’s also read the book from front to back.

Check out that wink!

I love that I’m getting so much support for the book with women, and men stepping up is swirling icing on the cake.

Put me aside, it’s important to understand that when multicultural and interracial relationship books, the genre grows because the Powers that Be soon take notice as it concerns their bottom line. If they can see that they can sell it, they’ll keep doing it in a hundred different angles, which gives so many more opportunities for people who want to tell their stories. I can’t tell you how many folks I’ve spoken to offline who want to do similar projects focusing on multiracial and interethnic relationships, and if the big publishing big wigs can see the green, they miraculously see “the light.”

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