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“Swirling” Made it in theGrio’s Top Summer Reading Picks!

Here’s what theGrio has to say about “Swirling

It seems there are guides for everything these days. Thinking of mixing it up this summer, but don’t know how? Karazin and Littlejohn come to the rescue in this insightful and amusing handbook on the ups and downs of interracial relationships.

The authors lay out the dismal statistics we’ve seen over the past few years, the shortage of black men; the fact that seventy percent of black women are single,and that only forty two percent will ever marry.  Karazin and Littlejohn encourage black women to break away from the sell-out stereotype of dating outside of their race (“you are allowed to love a rainbeau and still advocate for your people”) and embrace their options. Towards this end, Karazin writes: “…You just have to snatch snatch love for yourself when it comes knocking, in whatever color or cultural package he’s wrapped in. That’s the purpose of this book, and my hope is that all who read it will find love, however it arrives.”

No matter what your opinion is on this hot-button topic, Swirling, a well-researched and intelligently written book, is certainly food for thought.

See full list here. “Swirling” is Number Five on the list.

As an aside, I have to give props to the online black media at large who [mostly] remained open to the message of the book, and upon reading it, realized that this book was not about white knights and white-man worshiping, nor was it about black-men bashing. There is one blog magazine in particular that has it out from me, but I’m heartened that most people can see through their agenda.

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