Roland Martin Gets WHOMPED By GLAAD, CNN. Just Goes to Show…

a_610x408 don't phuck with a protected group. Or David Beckham. Full disclosure: I have been on the receiving end of Mr. Martin's big 'ol Twitter … [Read more...]

The New, NEW Black Woman: Dambisa Moyo!


A black female face in the upper echelon of the economics field appears to be pretty rare. I'm in an intermediate economics class right now and there … [Read more...]

Is There A Fine Line Between Spirituality And Insanity?

church congregation

Reading Jamila's post conjured up memories that I had of my holy rollin days. It was a time in my life filled that I wish I could "revise." Here is a … [Read more...]

The New, NEW Black Woman: Sophia A. Nelson!

sophia and boo

Yes; she wrote a book, Black Woman, Redefined. Yes; she's beautiful and accomplished. Yes; she's a fancy schmancy lawyer and political pundit. But … [Read more...]

Could the Message Be in the Music? What White Kids Listen to Versus What Black Kids Do.


I've got a 14 year-old daughter. Some folks shudder at this, but I gotta say, Maxi-Me is (so far) a joy. Yes; she gets moody and weepy sometimes over … [Read more...]

The New, NEW Black Woman: Chris-Tia Donaldson!


Are you natural? Do you thank God you're natural? Well, you might want to extend some of that gratitude to Chris-Tia Donaldson, author of the … [Read more...]

Manners 101: PLEASE, Say “Thank You!”


  Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy. -Jacques Maritan Rabbi Schmuley Boteach recently wrote an article about the main reason … [Read more...]

Parlez-vous français? Six Reasons Why You Need to Learn a Language in 2012

wine tasting couple

Can you believe I've been studying Spanish off and on since high school and still can't hold my own in conversation? Pathetic, I know. I decided this … [Read more...]

“Real Housewives Atlanta” Makes Black Woman Traveling in Packs Look Rabid. But What’s the Real Story?

woman hiding face

Not sure any of you got a whiff of this fart cloud, but this is the clip from when RHOW of Atlanta went to South Africa. This a pack of ghetto black … [Read more...]

The New, NEW Black Woman: Issa Rae!


OMG how could she NOT be on this list? She's beautiful, creative and hilarious, and has created a cult following with her Awkward Black Girl (ABG) web … [Read more...]