Black Women's Improvement Project (BWIP)

The New, NEW Black Woman: Sophia A. Nelson!

Yes; she wrote a book, Black Woman, Redefined. Yes; she’s beautiful and accomplished. Yes; she’s a fancy schmancy lawyer and political pundit.

But that’s not why she makes this list.

I met Sophia during No Wedding No Womb 2010, and I must admit I was in awe of her. So purdy and well-connected, and plus she wanted to be my friend and stuff. I’ve always had trouble trusting women, because so many have broken my heart. But Sophia was different. She took me under her wing and treated me like a little sister right from the beginning–lending me advice and support. She’s prepped me on all the haters sure to come once the book comes out and has gently scolded me when I needed it. We talked like sisters, and while we’ve never met in person, she has become my dear friend.

When I first met Sophia, I had no idea she was involved in an interracial relationship. I’d soon find out how much she would struggle with this, until finally she shook off indoctrinated loyalty and fear of ridicule and openly declared her love of her rainbeau. She makes the list because:

1) She wrote a kick-arse book that is basically the blue print for how black women can completely rehab their image,

2) and she decided that her happiness and well-being was more important than what anyone else thought. She found her love, and she’s sticking with it. In short, she chose character above color, and I’m proud as hell of her for that.

Hand clap for my friend and mentor, Sophia A. Nelson–the New, NEW Black Woman.


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