Etiquette 101: The Art of Paying a Compliment

  “I can live two months on a good compliment.”- Mark Twain IIn a 2008 study in the journal Neuron, giving someone a compliment activates … [Read more...]

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Attention: I Am Not A Slave And Neither Are You….

First and foremost, please spare me the conspiracy theories, the abstract philosophies, or anything that tries to put shackles around my arms and legs … [Read more...]

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Travelista Teri Schools Us on the Correct Way to Pronounce Wine

How many times have you been out on a dinner date, looked at the wine list, couldn't pronounce anything, so just order the vodka? No? Just … [Read more...]

Wendy Ida and her husband, Art.

BB&W Exclusive: Sexy at Sixty, Author Wendy Ida Talks About Her Escape from Blackistan and More!

Without even knowing it, Wendy Ida is a BWE warrior. At 60-years old, she's living her best life--beautiful and in the best shape of her life, happily … [Read more...]

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Beware the Terriorism of ‘Blackistan!’

  Terrorist: a person who terrorizes  or frightens others. Terror: The use of such fear to intimidate people, esp. for political reasons I … [Read more...]


Etiquette 101: Graciousness in Competition

“On the podium tonight, the three girls that earned their spot and they got their medals and they worked hard and did what they needed to do, … [Read more...]


Etiquette 101: Sometimes it is ok to be a little “rude.”

Etiquette 101: Sometimes it is ok to be a little “rude”. “Why don't people trust their instincts? They sense something is wrong; someone is walking … [Read more...]


Etiquette 101: 9 Tips for a more polished appearance at social gatherings

I have learned by experience that because people are always watching you and making internal judgments, it is wise to be aware of your outward … [Read more...]


Opinion: “You think you BETTER than us?” As a matter of fact yes I do.

The owner of the Beyond Black and White website recently posted a blog regarding the disrespectful treatment she encounters from her family about her … [Read more...]


Deborrah Cooper Writes Open Letter to Taffi Dollar About Her Complicitness During Daughter’s Beating

Excerpt taken from Deborrah Cooper's site, The Black Church: Where Black Women Pray and Black Men Prey Though we have never met Mrs. Dollar, we … [Read more...]


She’s Moving On: Race Woman No More

At one time, not too long ago, I used to be a Race Woman. What is a Race Woman? A Race Woman is a black woman who fights relentlessly for the … [Read more...]

Woman and Paris

The French Connection: What can we learn from our sister abroad about dating, dieting and doing “the do”

I am taking a break this week from Etiquette 101 to share a little from another one of my loves, French culture. One aspect of French culture I want … [Read more...]

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BEWARE of the “Polite” Poisoner

I've written about this sort of thing before, on my own blog and here, and I will continue to hammer this point home until the day I die. They may … [Read more...]