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Finally, the Dates! Episode #Four of “Swirlr”

Have some ideas how you think this is going to end? … Read More...

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BB&W Special Guest Dishes on Her Experience at a Black Woman/Asian Man Dating Event

Race-Based Dating? I’m a black woman who has always been attracted to guys of different races, but growing up in a segregated city in the Midwest, there weren’t many Asian people around, so I never even thought of liking Asian guys until I was about fifteen. Perhaps it started with all those Hong Kong action […]

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Two Off the Runway trends that are so right now

As we settle into the spring months and we transition from fluffy sweaters to shorts and sandals, there are various trends happening in the fashion world that deserve your attention. Spring and summer are typical of bright hues, lighter fabrics, and fun funky patterns. And this Spring Summer season is no different. This time we […]

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Don’t Come for Lupita! #AshyLarryBoyBands Throws Grenades At BW Haters

Yeah. So, deep in the midst of an international Black woman celebration comes hecklers and haters aiming their teef sucking and unsolicited opinions at People Magazine’s naming Lupita Nyong’o’s the “Most Beautiful face of 2014“. Twitter is not the place to play these types of games and if anything the Twitter-verse is ripe with comebacks and those […]


YES! Lupita N’Yongo Is People’s Most BEAUTIFUL PERSON of the Year!!!!

How’s THIS for “fetishizing”… Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Praise heavens and all the saints. Have you seen a more affirming pictorial? Bow down to the beauty that is Lupita, and buy the hell out of People magazine this week–for your daughters. Hell…for erry’body!!

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Let It Fro. Let it Fro. Let it Fro…

What type of hair do you have? The answer doesn’t really matter since nearly all ethnic hair has some form of coil, curl or kink. Blacks are the originators and perfectors of the illuminus hairstyle called the afro, or the ‘fro’ for the cool people. And no matter whether you got a little or a […]

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RANT: I Am So SICK of Black Women Throwing THEMSELVES Under the Bus…

I’ll admit it. I watch car crashes and train wrecks on Facebook. I lurk on so-called “black empowerment” pages ran by people who think beating up and belittling black women will make them “ack right.” It’s like I’m WTF-ing when I should be doing other stuff. I know. I have chronic rubber-necker disease. I guess […]


All About Travel Tweet Chat TODAY that You Will Not Want to Miss!

Later today will be the tweet chat of all travel tweet chats when we feature the flyest, flyers I know…the queens of international travel to answer all your questions…no holds barred. On our illustrious list of panelists we include:   Founder of, Gabriela Oliveira. Her Twitter handle says it all: “Travel Expert, 39 countries & counting, […]

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As If! Michael Baisden Asks Why More Black Women Don’t Date Interracially. Come On, Son! You Know Why!

Someone tagged me on this Facebook question radio personality, Michael Baisden posed… When I read it I almost couldn’t believe the question. A black, male radio host, entrenched in the the black community, doesn’t know WHY black women dating interracially is STILL a problem? I really have a hard time believing that. But more on […]

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Cramped for Space, But Got a Fence? Consider ‘Pocket’ Gardening

Urban gardening is coming into it’s own, and more and more innovative concepts are being developed so that more people can grow their own food no matter how little space they have. As long as there’s sun, there’s hope for you to get your garden on. I have quite a bit growing in my kitchen […]

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Star Talk: Winter Babies, what’s your power color?

We are finally at the end of the chart and figuratively in the winter of our lives in this part of the zodiac. Many people born under these three signs, tend to be about their business, the community, and psychic ability. These signs also have a tendency to be quite detached in one way or […]

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Are You An Awkward Black Girl? Here’s Why It’s a Good Thing

I’ve been in a lot of discussions with the Bae lately. And it’s nice to have someone around who won’t allow me to get into my ‘ish’ where I pick at old wounds and beat up myself over absolutely nothing. See, though I’m here giving out advice and talking all righteous about the ways and […]