Eve is On Wedding Countdown to Becoming Mrs. Cooper!

Once I was able to wade through the mass of ads and commercials to actually see what's up, Madame Noire reported that Eve has just celebrated her bachelorette party, and is officially on wedding countdown to be a "Mrs." I've been following Eve's relationship with Max Cooper and I have to say … Read More...

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This Mineral Fusion BB Cream for Hair Saved My Look for CNN…

As many of you know, I was on featured on HLN/CNN last March for Swirlr–the first multiracial, multicultural dating show…ever. The folks over there are big supporters of this, it was my second time appearing. The first time went off without a hitch. The second time was touch and go, mainly because I was sick […]

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Tell Um Why You Mad, Hun….

You know what I don’t believe in…….? Being quiet when I’m pissed off or done wrong. There. I said it… I could give a flying pickle how anyone feels when I feel as if an abomination has occurred against my personhood. That ‘Angry Black Woman’ shit is and is not a cool moniker because I […]

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Sad News: Former BB&W ‘Hottie’ Succumbs to Cancer at 41

I received some devastating news from my friend, Niki Chambers, who told me that my long-time Facebook friend and former “Hottie of the Week,” Jason Hendrix died earlier today of cancer. This is is horrific and sudden, because Jason announced his condition and her determination to beat the disease on March 22. And today, April […]

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Star Talk: Fall-ing in Love

As we leave the hot spicy, sometimes overly passionate summer babies, we find ourselves moving into the cooler more mature, if you will, months of fall. These babies have a tendency to love the rich refine colors. They are a bit moody, but cheerful and reflect the colorful, like the changing landscape that we see as […]

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Dark Girls Can’t Wear Red Lipstick, Huh? #NoBareLips30 Tells Black Women to Define Their Own Beauty.

Of course we all know about the recent passing of Karyn Washington, and her work to encourage black women to love their shade and her #DarkSkinRedLipProject, a poke in the eye to some folks in the black community to say black women have no business wearing red lipstick unless they pass the paper bag test. […]

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Episode of Three of “Swirlr” is Here! And the Drama Begins…

In this episode, clients Quintana and Kurt interact with the candidates to test their chemistry. Kurt seems to hit it off with each of the three girls I pick for him, guess which one he picks…you might be surprised. Also, there’s some drama at the end because Quintana can’t seem to make up her mind!


In This Version of “Rosemary’s Baby,” the Demon Seed is Hosted by an Interracial Couple.

One of my favorite 1960′s movies of all time is Rosemary’s Baby, a tale of financially struggling New York newlyweds whose luck inexplicably changes when they move into an apartment populated by who initially seem to be good-natured, sweet-but-nosy geriatrics. Guy, Rosemary’s husband, is a struggling theatre actor and Rosemary’s chief desire is to be […]


Interracial Couples and a Word on Safety: Memphis Couple Needs Our Advice.

Got this note this morning: Hi, my name is Gary, and I would like to say first that I find your advice to be very helpful. I am 22 and my fiance Tunisha Brown just turned 21 we’ve been together going on four years this month, we plan to get married next year some time […]


Chef Bob: Alaskan Snow Crab Pasta Primavera

Alaskan Snow Crab Pasta Primavera Serves 24. Having a party, or just want to impress your friends?  This is the ultimate party food. A fresh veggie medley tossed in creamy Alfredo sauce and served on a bed of pasta, served with straight from the icy waters of Alaska, with up to a half pound of delicious […]


Snow Be Damned!! Container Gardening 101

CONTAINER GARDENING 101 I just thought I would write a quick article to answer this reader’s question and for any one else out there who is interested. qjonesatl3  10 hours ago from livefyre QOTW: White Guy Worried He’s ONLY Attracted to Black Women. Here’s My Take. Which gardening blog do you follow. I was going to try […]


And the States with the Highest Interracial Marriages Are…

April has been the start of news that I’ve been expecting for over a decade. Interracial marriages are becoming more accepted, more prolific, and it will literally change the face of America by 2050. We’ll cover that in a subsequent article, but there was some data included in the news article that revealed which states […]