“When it comes to my survival, I don’t care who I offend”

Written by Nicole

Like everyone else during this all-encompassing pandemic, I turned to various outlets for entertainment. The latest thing I was watching was an anime called Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and while I couldn’t really get into it, there was one line in the dub that really struck a chord with me.


“When it comes to my survival, I don’t care who I offend”.

Because I tend to watch television as background noise, I don’t pay too much attention to what’s on the screen. And, since I didn’t really enjoy the show, unfortunately I can’t tell you what episode this powerful line was delivered in. It was somewhere in season 2. But, it doesn’t matter, because it stands alone just fine.


Look at that line. In just a dozen words, it sums up a way of living that puts self-preservation right at the forefront.


Just picture it – black women surviving (better yet, thriving), paying no mind to the naysayers.


Making decisions for us, and only us and our best interests, even if it pisses people off.

Those decisions could be as simple as moving out of state for school, even though the expectation was to stay at home indefinitely. They could be huge decisions, such as forgoing motherhood, which really gets people riled up these days. The decision could be to cut off blood relatives, despite the cries of “but they’re family!” from those around you. These decisions, and others like them, are not usually taken lightly. And many times, they are not received all that well either. After all, the decisions that black women make that remove them as an energy source for everyone else tends to make some people quite upset.


And that’s the other side of this powerful phrase.

You’ve made the moves that ensures your survival. Part two is the ill will that may be directed your way as a result. By now, we all know that nothing makes people angrier than an unapologetically thriving black woman. Why do you think that whenever a black woman does literally anything out the realm of “approved activities”, the first thing you’ll hear is “You think you’re better/all that?” As you embark on your journey to be your best self, there will undoubtedly be detractors. The key is to be so secure in yourself that even if your friends leave you and your family shuns you, your survival, your ultimate pursuit, is not impacted.


So, as you embark on your journey, just remember, when it comes to your survival, don’t care who you offend.


Have you heard any great TV lines lately? What are you watching? Sound off in the comments below!



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