If You Celebrate Predators, You Are My Enemy

Written by Nicole


I’m not at all surprised at the recent news that a former gelatin-slinging sexual predator who shall remain nameless was released on a technicality. There is a different justice system for those with fame or money. And there’s a different one for men who abuse women.


Nor am I surprised at the outpouring of support for said predator from much of the black “community”, both the men and the women. The community has shown what it values time and time again, and those with eyes have known this for a long time.


But that’s not why I’m writing.


The fact of the matter is…if you celebrate, defend, uplift, or otherwise support predators, you are my enemy.


It’s just that simple.


You are also the enemy of women and girls the world round.


If you have made a post on your social media channels expressing how happy you are at this recent release, you are my enemy.


If you believe that this was all some elaborate ploy to prevent the purchase of a news network, not only are you my enemy, but you’re also probably intellectually deficient as well.


In a similar vein, if you have hashtagged #free [insert jailed criminal with overwhelming evidence proving guilt here], you are also my enemy. By contrast, I’ve never seen someone tweet to #freeBernieMadoff.


If you have said “well, white/Asian/Native/Hispanic men do it too”, while this is true, it is only said in a way that benefits predators, and never their victims. When someone says “XYZ does it too”, what I hear is “why can’t my group engage in similar reprobate behavior and get away with it like other groups do?” As such, you are my enemy.


But this is greater than an old predator in poor health who is probably not long for this world anyway.


If you have more to say about famous predators you’ll never meet than the predators right in your backyard, at the family reunion, at the cookout, under your own nose, getting passed the potatoes at Thanksgiving, you are my enemy.


Have you EVER called a little girl fast? You are my enemy.


If you have stayed quiet about abuses in your own family, out of misguided loyalty to the PREDATOR over his VICTIM, you are my enemy.


If you have participated in the silencing of a victim of sexual abuse so you “don’t put another brother in jail”, you are my enemy.


If you are a black woman, especially one in a position of power or influence, and side with predators over your own likeness and image, you’re my enemy too. A fictional relationship from three decades ago has no bearing on real-world crimes. Fare thee well, Felicia.


If you have asked “well, what was she doing/saying/wearing?” as a response to a woman who has disclosed sexual assault, you are my enemy.


If you have ever given a predator the benefit of the doubt, you are my enemy.


If you have no problem seeing guilt when the perpetrator is nonblack, but hem and haw when the perpetrator is black, you are my enemy. A predator is a predator and they should all be punished severely for their crimes.

And if you’ve ever tweeted #protectblackwomen, but are a-okay with this latest release, then you are my enemy.

The time is long gone to know who your real friends are. If your social media home page is lit up with joy and support of a black man getting released from prison, not because of his innocence, but because of some loophole, then it’s time to evaluate your friend circle. The hatred of women is coming from inside the house. Don’t be friends with your enemies.


RAINN is a resource for sexual abuse survivors, and created and operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline – 1-800- 656-4673. Support RAINN with a donation here.


Additionally, if you or someone you know is in immediate danger, here is an international list of domestic violence hotlines. You can check out The National Domestic Abuse Hotline for additional resources. For news on the black femicide epidemic rampaging in America, be sure to follow Black Femicide-US.

Disclaimer: all opinions my own, not necessarily reflective of Christelyn Karazin or other writers on this platform.

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