When Exploring The Global Village Becomes A Nightmare

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A dedicated teacher with a Phd in her field is a dream for any public high school, right? Unfortunately for Dr. Cicely Cobb, it was a nightmare.  She … [Read more...]

Has The Army Declared War On Black Women’s Hair?

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Are you shocked and awed by the U.S. Army's "tough" new hair rules  that many say targets black women?  According to Army Times, critics believe that … [Read more...]

The Great Debate: Should WM and BW Get Together Because Their Same Race Counterparts Are High Maintenance? Some Say Yes


Anyone that hangs around IR blogs for a significant length of time,  has already noticed that *some* black women express the following: "Black men … [Read more...]

Need A Boyfriend For Valentine’s Day? Rent One!

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Are you tired of being the only manless woman in your circle of friends? Does your family constantly ask you if you're seeing anyone? If you've got … [Read more...]

Does Al Gore Believe African Women’s Fertility Rates Will Cause Global Warming?

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You'd think so if you listened to conservative media sites. Take a look at this snippet from Human Events: Gore said such efforts to manage African … [Read more...]

In Search Of My Past…Following the Ancestry Trail.


Growing up, I was always intrigued when my nonblack friends spoke of their ethnic roots. Some were Irish, others were German, Chinese, East Indian, … [Read more...]

New Study Says We Might Look Younger on the Outside, But We’re Aging More On the Inside.

Beautiful, Happy African Woman

I'm sure you've heard that black women are resilient and self-confident women that can hold it down even in the worst of circumstances. You've read … [Read more...]

Are Black Women Safe Anywhere?


Renisha McBride was in a car accident at 2:30 am last Saturday. Having been in a horrible accident myself this year, I know how frantic one can become … [Read more...]

Who Are Your Favorite Black Women On Prime Time?


I know a lot of you are "Scandalized" but I've been bewitched. In other words, I just can't get enough of this season's American Horror Story: The … [Read more...]

Is Marriage Only For The Rich?

doubtful bride

No, it's not only for the rich. One might think so after reading this article in the Atlantic. Gone are the Cinderella days when a poor or working … [Read more...]