Does Al Gore Believe African Women’s Fertility Rates Will Cause Global Warming?

You’d think so if you listened to conservative media sites. Take a look at this snippet from Human Events:

Gore said such efforts to manage African women’s fertility were important in his desire to reduce the growth of human population.

Gore complained there will be more Africans than either Chinese or Indians by mid-century and more Africans than Chinese and Indians combined by the end of the century.

That sounds like some “naziesque” crap! You may very well be incensed by the above but critical thinking is in order.  You might get a very different understanding of Gore’s comment when you LISTEN TO HIM speak in context.


Gore seems to be implying that African women lack access to reproductive healthcare and education to make informed choices. Nothing wrong with bringing that fact to light. However, an argument can still be made that his remarks are racially insensitive. For example, he emphasized that Africa’s population will explode at such a rate that by the end of the century, they will outnumber the Chinese and Indians combined. Even if black Africa’s numbers do skyrocket, did he really have to make such a comparison between Africans and Asians? Non-blacks in America generally view Asians as less threatening so Gore’s words might invoke racial panic. Also note that the focus is on African women instead of Africans in general.  So black African women are the catalysts for a global catastrophe. Would a Republican get away with the same suggestion? Say what you will about Republicans but they would be burned at the stake for such a suggestion.

Gore may not have meant any harm by what he said but one has to wonder what effect his views would have on the image of black women. That is, if African women don’t stop having so many children, the planet will descend into global warming.

Are you offended by Gore’s remarks? Are conservatives just pulling the race card?

(Photo courtesy of Herb Way)

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