OOW Children Are No Mistake, But Stop Projecting Your Ego Onto Your Child.

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One of the most difficult discussions when it comes to the OOW rate among black women is acknowledging that it is a problem. Mainly because black … [Read more...]

BWE And Validation-Seeking: Are You Looking To Be Told What To Do?

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You know, there are things I agree with and disagree with when it comes to how BWE reaches black women, however there has always been one thing that … [Read more...]

Black Women and Benefits, We Don’t Get None, Always Cheering for Others.

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Question:  How do you know when you are happy?  Think about it for a minute. Do you smile more? Do you hum a tune?   However and … [Read more...]

Introducing “Fables for Thrivers”: The Caged Bird and the Free Bird


The Caged Bird and the Free Bird Once upon a time, there was a caged bird who would get weekly visits from a free bird. The free bird would fly far … [Read more...]

A Lesson In Bold Black Womanhood: No Explanations Owed

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I've talked in the past about being a bold black woman. One of the areas where black women often find themselves attacked is in their ability to stand … [Read more...]

An Announcement! Toni Matthews, “Thriving” Editor

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This is promotion is a long time coming, and definitely deserved. BB&W has appointed Toni Matthews (Toni M) editor of our "Thriving" section, … [Read more...]

Who Owns a Black Woman’s Womb?


*gets behind a podium* *clears throat*   Blogmistress, moderators, community regulars, lurkers and guests-   The black … [Read more...]

“#SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen” And That’s Not Going To Change In Feminism

I actually tried to pass the buck on this one. However, finding out my previous article had been syndicated during the aftermath of the … [Read more...]

DUPLICATE POST with fresh comment thread ~ comments about porn will be deleted

The Exotic Okey Doke: How Black Women Got Tricked Out Of Sexy


This post was published on July 26, 2013 by Toni. Things quickly got out of hand in the comment section, derailing into talking about women-friendly … [Read more...]

The Marissa Alexander Story: This Is What Could Happen When You Choose the Wrong Man

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In May of 2012, Marissa Alexander, a 31-year old black women with a master's degree and 3 children, was sentenced to 20 years in prison after being … [Read more...]